What is a hybrid cloud solution?

In this scenario your business would retain some of its servers onsite, while others would be moved into the cloud.

In what scenarios would a hybrid cloud solution be appropriate?

The two major factors in only a partial move to the cloud are cost and capability.


If your current server infrastructure is performing its task properly, is secure and has a comprehensive data backup and restoration procedure you may not need to migrate. If your business needs to scale up to accommodate new applications, remote workers or branch offices then it may be more appropriate to enhance your server infrastructure with a hybrid cloud solution than to buy additional hardware onsite. As your existing systems age they can be migrated rather than replaced.


There are some scenarios where cloud hosting really is not an option, specifically where a high amount of graphical data is being manipulated on the workstation. A prime example is photo manipulation and video editing. In these scenarios we recommend that powerful onsite machines with a local data store are used for the graphics applications, and the data backed up to the cloud. All other applications reside in the cloud making it a hybrid cloud solution.

Be aware that cloud based video and graphics rendering is on the horizon with technologies starting to emerge such as citrix HDX and Microsoft RemoteFX but are still in the infancy and not currently available as part of Genmars offering.



How can I determine if a Hybrid Cloud Solution is applicable to our business?

A phone call is a good place to start, if your business would appear to benefit from Genmars cloud services we would be grateful for the opportunity to offer a free consultation with no obligation. We are happy to help.