What are Hosted Desktops?

This solution takes your standard business desktop environment from under the desk into the cloud, removing the need for ‘traditional’ desktop PCs and servers in the office environment. Although Hosted Desktops look and behave like a regular desktop, the software and data you use resides in our data centers.

hosted desktops

Accessing your personal desktop is simple and secure, using any internet connection from anywhere in the world via an existing PC, dumb terminal, laptop or other mobile device. Your Microsoft Office suite, your business email and other line of business applications are accessible through a browser, just as though you were working on your business network at your desk.

Although Hosted Desktops make use of cutting edge virtual cloud technology it does not change what you use them for; the transition for the user is virtually seamless.


Key benefits of hosted desktop solutions
Cost Effective

Fixed monthly charge per desktop. Only pay for the number of hosted desktops you require.


Access your desktop from anywhere from any internet enabled device.


Your servers are held within carefully selected UK datacenters with tight controls on physical access, 24/7 onsite security and CCTV.

Access to your hosted remote desktops is secured as standard by point-to-point virtual private networks between your branch locations and two factor authentication (2fa) based on One Time Passwords (OTP) for your mobile workers.

Data backup is catered for with hosted desktops as all your data resides within failure resistant enterprise storage arrays and is automatically backed up between Genmars UK datacenters.
If your personal PC, laptop or mobile device fails, is lost or stolen; your data is safe and secure on the servers at the datacenter.


Regardless of your company size, whether you have 1 or 10,000 employees, Hosted Desktop delivers the performance and advantages usually only available with a large upfront investment.  Virtual desktops can be provisioned or removed based on your business’s day to day requirement.  Your business does not have to attempt to predict its future IT requirements leading to simple and predictable IT budgeting.  Your business only pays for the computing resources it uses on a month by month basis which is a direct reflection of the number of staff your business has.

How it works

You may not initially recognize how beneficial severing the ties binding you to your desktop at your office are. Opting for hosted desktop allows you to access your virtual PC from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, putting everything you do on your computer online.

All of your applications including Microsoft Office Professional 2010, Microsoft Exchange Outlook 2010 emails, Adobe Acrobat, My Documents, company files and data are centrally accessible.

Software such as Sage or other line of business applications can be delivered as required. Quite simply, the internet effectively becomes your new hard drive. Just log on and access your files, data and programs from anywhere – home, office, abroad, via a web browser or mobile device. The choice is yours.

Fully managed, simple to use, with no complex deployment, a Virtual Hosted Desktop service saves you time, effort and money; delivering your business desktop in a flexible and secure way over the internet.


While it is true to say that hosted desktops are more cost effective than traditional in-house systems; what is more important is the ability to have a known monthly fixed per user cost regardless of the number of users and locations. This ability allows companies to budget effectively and accurately, this is not really an option with traditional setups. From an accounting aspect you are also able to write off the monthly fees 100% every month.

So you gain access to enterprise level hardware and security with a fixed monthly per user cost, with no large upfront cost, reduced support charges with a fully flexible and scalable cutting-edge IT system. The system is fully managed and supported included in the cost with access to consultation whenever required. All this for less than you are paying now; leaving you to focus on your business.


    Using something a user knows (a pass code) and something they physically have (a pen drive) ensures a highly secure two-factor method of protecting you business.Click here for more information


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