Internet Connectivity – Business class broadband and leased lines

Genmar partnered with Entanet International Ltd in 1999 and resell all Enta’s services. Enta is a leading communications provider of business class voice and data connectivity services. Established in 1996, it is an award winning business enjoying year on year profitable revenue and market share growth.

What type of internet connection do I require?

Even the smallest businesses require a business class broadband connection, but as your business grows even this may not be enough. Depending on your requirements in throughput and resiliency we may suggest balancing multiple internet connections or even a dedicated leased line.

I have multiple offices, how would I link them together?

There are a few different approaches, we would need to analyse your requirements in detail to recommend a path forward but the most common techniques are Virtual Private Networks. Depending on the number of offices we may recommend connecting directly into our datacentre as the hub of your business network. This keeps your business critical data in a single place, guaranties the bandwidth that each office requires to function, as well as having access to our cloud platform.


Do any Genmar services appeal to your business?

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