What are Virtual Private Servers?

A virtual private server is functionally equivalent to a physical computer, the difference is that it may be one of many virtual servers running within a common hardware platform.

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What is all the fuss about?

The power, flexibility and security of the datacentre at a fixed affordable cost.

Virtual servers have a number of significant benefits over standard servers.

Virtual servers are greener:  Servers tend to have a lot of resources available to them that are only used a small percentage of the time in small bursts.  As an example a physical host server may host 20 virtual servers simultaneously. A single physical server has a significantly smaller carbon footprint than 20 physical servers.

Virtual servers are more scalable: Scaling a physical server to accommodate growth can be a costly process in terms of hardware, labour and downtime.  Virtual servers can have more resources assigned to them on the fly or simply and quickly moved to a more powerful host.

Physical Security:  Servers housed within a datacentre tend to be more secure due to the very nature of a datacentre which has 24/7 manned security, high fences, security doors , fire prevention and detection, and backup battery/diesel generator power supplies.

Data security: Virtual servers are connected to an advanced, complex and expensive storage platform which not only keep multiple copies of your data but vaults it offsite to a second data centre in another location for additional security.

Internet connectivity: The datacentre is configured with multiple high speed internet connections that most business will not have access to otherwise. If your business has multiple locations or remote workers these high bandwidth connections can be very beneficial

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