Job Vacancy – Helpdesk Manager

Helpdesk Manager Bishops Stortford £30,000 to £40,000 Full time Established over 22 years with an enviable reputation for exceeding customer expectations and low staff turnover, this company requires a motivated and experienced individual wanting to make their mark. Recognised as the longest established MSP in the area they offer a wealth of IT services including – PC Support, Hosted Services, Security Services and much more to diverse businesses both locally […]

Cryptocurrency – what is it all about

In 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto (pseudonym – no one knows who he / they are!) invented Bitcoin, the first and still most important crypto currency. In fact, he had no intention of inventing a currency, being a true geek, he was trying to resolve a known technical issue with digital cash and developed the first working decentralised cash system. Why invent cryptocurrencies? For the same reasons we invented our own currencies. […]

Parental Control

The last time I broached the subject of monitoring your child’s internet activity, the article sparked controversy with a few readers, berating me for questioning their parenting abilities. With that in mind I thought I would try again. I have three (now adult) kids myself and I hate being told how to bring them up as much as the next parent. Having IT Knowledge, I did monitor their activities and […]

GDPR – What is it

GDPR – What is it? A legacy leaving present from the EU. Regulations regarding your personal data have been governed in the UK by the Data Protection Act since 1998. They are for your protection and control how companies acquire, store and sell information they collect. Written at the dawn of the computer age and barely adequate protection then, they are now so antiquated businesses can con you into providing […]

Mum’s the word – What is your password

Mum’s the word – What is your password? Let me guess… is it one of the following: 123456 with 7/8/9/0 added, qwerty, password, 111111 or did you make an effort and go for 1q2w3e4r?. About one in three of you now believe I am either psychic or can see you sitting at your PC screen – if it is the later I suggest you put that down get some clothes […]

Help to Buy

At Genmar we spend a good deal of time explaining the various options and differences of IT hardware to customers, both home and business. I realise that the choices can be quite daunting due to lazy advertising by the manufacturers and large retailers. Most of the staff you are advised by at MEGAIRONINGBOARDANDLAPTOPPLANETWORLD only look like they know more than you because they have a uniform and know where the […]

Job Vacancy – Helpdesk Support Engineer

Helpdesk Support Engineer Bishops Stortford £19,000 to £21,000 Full time Experienced 1st Line Helpdesk Support Engineer Excellent opportunity to join their support helpdesk team and work in a varied and busy professional environment. About The Company Established for over 20 years with an enviable reputation for exceeding customer expectations, this very busy local IT company now requires another engineer to join their support & services team. The company offers PC […]

Scam Email Warning

We have recently seen a variety of scam emails being sent out pretending to be legitimate services, notably Netflix and Barclays Bank. Here you can read a brief overview of how these scams work and also discover some tips on how to protect yourself. Online Services Impersonation Scammers will often use popular services such as Netflix, Apple App Store, Amazon Prime etc. to target individuals hoping that their recipients use […]


Did you know the GDPR from the ICO is to replace the DPA 1998? Don’t you just love the way governments make policies so attractive and easy to digest? Concerned with those little tick boxes that do their very best to ensure you allow them to sell your data to very devil himself by use of phrases like “please untick this ticked box if you do not want us to […]

Virus warning – 28062017

Virus Warning New variant of ransomware – ‘Petya’ or ‘Petwrap’ Threat Level 5/5 Warning Our immediate recommendations on the matter is to advise all staff: Be on guard for suspicious emails Not to click on suspicious links Do not open suspicious attachments If in any doubt call Genmar on 0330 445 1235 Note: This attack is based on fake CV attachment and a word document link. Please do not open an attachment […]