COVID-19 Announcement

We are open!


-Onsite Services-

To ensure adherence to the government edict we are no longer able to offer onsite services unless there are extenuating circumstances and these are agreed with the management in advance.


Each request will be considered individually. Please understand, our paramount objective here is to protect the health of our staff and of others.


-Support Services –


Due to the important role of supporting the IT infrastructure we all now rely on more than ever, we have been designated as a Key Services Supplier.


All our support team have been working from home as of last week. They have access to all necessary systems and our phone system as usual.


Last week saw more support tickets per day than in any other time in our 22 years of business. We expect this level to continue for the near future as more customers consider the possibility of working remotely.


Due to this demand we urge all customers to consider plans and discuss with us ASAP.


Many customers have not considered the difficulty and problems facing them by remote working. See here for more detailed info on this please click this link.


We very much appreciate how frustrating it is to have to change to remote working, especially the initial setting up, but please consider the support teams workload and in the mean time we ask for your patience and understanding during these difficult times.


-Access to premises –


Our premises is open for emergencies only. Please call in advance if you need to visit us in person for any reason.


Due to the extreme circumstances, we will insist on adherence of public distancing and cleanliness guidelines.


-Contacting Us-


Supported customers – call your dedicated support number 0330 445 1234 this will negate the menu. If busy leave a message as this will generate a ticket on our system, if you just hang up it will not. If all support staff are occupying lines you will not have the opportunity to leave a message. In this case we urge you to either call back or to email. The correct email for a support request is – [email protected] again emailing this will automatically generate a ticket.


Ad-hoc Customers – please call 0330 445 1235 or again email [email protected] – please be advised that due to the unprecedented demand for our services, supported customers will be prioritised.


Please be advised using the contact form on the website or using the generic [email protected] for support queries will result in a slower response or possibly no response.

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