How does a Full Cloud Solution benefit my business?

Reduced & Predictable Expenditure
Cost has been the most prohibitive factor in keeping an up to date, resilient and well supported IT system but hosted services in the cloud are changing how businesses approach their IT spend.


Reduced hardware
If your data and desktops are stored in the cloud then all your workforce need is a terminal capable of an internet connection. Terminals can be any Windows or Linux based PC, or thin client PCs which are less than half the purchase cost of a standard computer. Due to the ‘dumb’ nature of the computer you are using to connect, very little configuration or support is required reducing rollout and on-going support costs. If a terminal fails it can be replaced with a thin client straight out of the box.

Server hardware is also no longer required, with its associated costs of warranty, insurance, and redundancy.

Reliable IT budget forecasting
On Genmar’s managed cloud solution you have a fixed monthly per user fee which covers your staffs Microsoft software licenses, support, server access, data store and backup. You can add or remove as many users as required on a month by month basis making your IT budget predictable and scalable to your business’ requirements.

Flexible Remote or Multi-Site Working
Hosted solutions are designed for remote working by their very nature making them ideal for multi office collaboration or the mobile workforce. Connections to the hosted desktops can be made from any Windows, Linux, or thin client PC- even from most smart phones!
Hosting your data and desktops in the cloud is usually safer than more traditional options.

Physical security
Genmar’s cloud infrastructure is held in datacentres with 24/7 onsite security, high fences, key card entry systems on all doors and locked cabinets. The data centre floors have non-destructive fire suppression systems that notify the fire brigade on alarm.

Access security
Any internet connected system carries a risk of unwanted access attempts. We optimise our systems and advise our customers on best practices to minimise any potential risks. If the nature of your business is such that you require an outstanding level of security we offer a Two Factor Authentication System which gives an extra layer of security in the form of a physical key ring which generates a one time access code each time the button is pressed.

An authentication system which gives an extra layer of security in the form of a physical key ring which generates a one-time access code each time the button is pressed.

Backup & High Availability
Hosting your desktop and server infrastructure in Genmar’s cloud removes many of the concerns regarding data backup and redundancy.

Data Backup
The Servers and desktops are stored and run from multiple failure resilient drive arrays, additionally snapshots of the data are stored on local backup arrays as well as being backed up to secondary datacentres. This is a level of security and redundancy that the vast majority of businesses would never be able to afford or have access to.

High availability
In a more traditional IT configuration if a server were to fail parts would have to be sourced and replaced or a complete replacement server would have to be commissioned. Genmar’s full cloud solution and hosted desktop infrastructure works differently, if one of our powerful host servers were to fail then its counterparts automatically take on the load of your business systems, reducing recovery time in the event of a massive critical failure from hours to just minutes.


How could my business be moved into the cloud?

Although your systems can be provisioned immediately there are a number of factors that should be assessed through initial consultation. Once we have an accurate picture of what you currently have and what you would like from your IT we can present you with a quote and an installation, migration or development roadmap.




Does a Full Cloud Solution appeal to your business?

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