What is IT management?

Genmars IT management service can give your business the equivalent of an IT manager and team of support staff at a fraction of the cost. For small businesses this service is essential, for larger businesses who already have an in-house IT arrangement in place Genmar can either augment your existing IT management or replace it entirely.


How would outsourcing IT management improve your business?


Few small businesses will utilise an IT manager and accompanying support staff full time, outsourcing IT management means a fixed fee for ongoing support from a large team of experienced engineers at a fraction of the cost who can pro-actively monitor your systems, provide support and break/fix services.

Larger businesses with more complex IT systems can benefit from access to a number of highly skilled IT managers and technicians at a fixed fee that predictably scales with your business.


What does IT management consist of?

Analysis and Consultation
Analysis and consultation is always the first step before working with an IT outsourcer, but it is not a one time event. Genmar continually evaluate your business IT by regular consultation and listening to your staff, if we can optimize your procedures to improve output we will present the appropriate case for doing so.
Managed Support Desk
Good IT support is critical to keeping your business ticking over. The impact of IT problems on production can be severely reduced by your staff having a single point of contact for all IT queries. Genmars IT support does not just cover telephone, remote access and on-site support but can also help with day to day queries regarding most mainstream software packages such as “how do i resize this document?”.
Managed Network Infrastructure
If a server were to fail that was inadequately backed up either the restoration time or data loss could be fatal to your business. At the least an inflexible configuration that cannot scale or grow with your business can hinder rather than improve your operation.

Genmars IT management includes management of your network infrastructure, initially determining a configuration that can scale to accommodate your growth, with pre-agreed disaster recovery plans and time scales and providing ongoing monitoring and support for the entire configuration including but not limited to end user terminals, network cabling, switches and routers, servers, printers and scanners, applications and internet connections.

This gives your staff a single number to contact regarding all IT issues, and gives you peace of mind knowing that its being looked after.

Managed Applications and Desktops
If you are looking to simply augment your existing IT team and systems with Genmars IT services you may be interested in our managed applications and desktops. We can provide managed hosted desktops or host applications from our cloud platform to scale your existing network without purchasing new hardware or investing in additional IT staff with the appropriate skill sets. This can lower your current expenditure on IT while improving the capacity, flexibility and support of your IT infrastructure.

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What does ‘Next generation IT services’ mean?

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