Multi Screening – Making our lives that little bit easier

Multi Screening – Making our lives that little bit easier

Many customers complain they do not like having to use their laptop screen when at home as it is too small. Or are fed up with connecting and un-connecting an external screen every time they work at home. Also you may wish to connect to other / multiple devices when using your laptop at home. This may be a full sized Keyboard and mouse or other external USB device or maybe you need to connect to the internet with a cable.

The answer is a docking station – while these have been around for many years now these are much more affordable and also universal so if you change your laptop you can keep the docking station.

Use your laptop as a laptop when out and about or when wandering around the home – connect it to the docking station via a single USB connection and turn the laptop into a fully functioning PC with Keyboard, mouse, network, screen etc. In fact with our new USB3 Universal Dock you can connect to 4 x USB2.0 and 2 x USB3.0 devices at once as well as running dual screens and your network.

All for £99 inc vat!

Come and see a demo setup in store.

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