AVAS – Hosted Email Anti-Spam & Anti Virus

Our email anti-spam service provides you with a proven spam filtering solution that prevents spam from reaching your network. Our multi-layered, internet-level spam filter protection service blocks the majority of spam, removes email borne security threats and improves productivity.

Email has grown in vitality, now becoming the most important communication tool in the corporate world. The perpetuation of emerging threats has transformed email from an asset to a liability. Gone are the days when organizations could manually cope with the occasional email-borne nuisance. Email security has become a necessity and organizations must know the best way to ensure the integrity of their email network.


Incoming spam before Genmar AVAS



How Genmar Hosted Email Anti-Spam Works

All it takes to secure your email through Genmar’s Managed Email Security Service is a simple change of your MX records. Once changed, your email passes through our system where genuine messages are passed onto you, and junk messages are quarantined before entering your network.


Anti-Virus Anti-Spam Features
Collaborative Hosted Email Anti-Spam

Multiple intelligent filtering techniques interact and analyse each message to achieve 98% capture rates. Anti-spam preferences can be set all the way down to the individual user, allowing maximum control.

Triple-Layer Anti-Virus

Each message is scanned for dangerous content by the award-winning Kaspersky Labs anti-virus engine, which is updated continually. Moreover, messages are scanned for dangerous content using advanced analysis technologies to detect the presence of viruses even before anti-virus signatures have been released.

Fully Integrated Anti-Phishing

Phishing techniques differ from traditional spam, and are difficult to catch with traditional spam filters. Genmar utilizes anti-phishing technology specifically designed to catch fraudulent messages and prevent them from entering your network.


Find refuge from the storm of dark traffic by placing your organization under the umbrella of our Directory Harvest Attack and Denial of Service Attack protection features.

Disaster Recovery

Have confidence that your business will never lose email during unexpected downtime. Genmar’s disaster recovery service queues your email when your network becomes unavailable, promptly delivering it to you when you come back online.

Offsite Quarantine

Save precious bandwidth and storage space with Genmar’s offsite Junk Mail Quarantine. Instantly search and manage your quarantine via our online administration interface.

User Capabilities

Give your end-users the control they require to establish personal security preferences as well as manage their individual quarantine. Reduce the burden on your IT staff without relinquishing control.

Admin Features

Quickly and intuitively manage your organization all the way down to the individual user. Address the specific needs of your organization with ease and promptly adapt your preferences as your organization’s requirements change.

Benefits of Genmar Anti-Virus Anti-Spam

Genmar’s Managed Email Security Services have been specifically designed to provide maximum email security, while minimizing the costs and headaches commonly associated with other email security systems. We proudly offer our customers a complete line of email security services, with distinct advantages over appliance and software solutions.

Instant Deployment

Our services require no hardware to buy and no software to install. With a simple change of your domain(s) MX records, your mail is routed through our servers, filtered, and the good messages are then passed on to your network. The entire filtering process typically takes less than a second.

Disaster Recovery

Whenever your network is unavailable due to an outage, scheduled maintenance, or other event, Genmar queues your mail for up to five days, promptly delivering to you when you come back online. Our standard disaster recovery services allow you to focus on restoring your network’s availability, without worrying about lost email.

Bandwidth Conservation

Junk messages are not only a burden to sort through as they arrive in your inbox in-between legitimate correspondence. As the volume of junk messages grow, they continually eat away at your organization’s resources such as bandwidth and storage. Moreover, sudden spikes in spam and viruses can severely impact or even shut down your mail servers. Genmar solves this problem by pushing the battle against junk email entirely outside of your network. Our Pre-Network platform ensures only messages classified as genuine enter your infrastructure. The result is a significant savings in bandwidth, which can be observed through our reporting features.

Cost Reduction

No Upfront Investment Genmar operates on a simple subscription basis. There are no contracts, and you may cancel at any time for a pro-rated refund. Nothing to Upgrade – Our upgrades are performed in-house, and never require you to purchase an upgrade license or new hardware. No Maintenance – Our core focus is to provide industry-leading technology, to keep pace with evolving email threats. We are constantly refining and tuning our technology to provide the best possible performance to our customers. Our professionals keep pace with today’s threats, so you don’t have to.

Why choose a managed anti-spam solution?

Perhaps an even greater threat to your organization’s effectiveness is an over-investment in an under-effective email security solution. Organizations must seek a comprehensive, future-proof solution on a platform that integrates flawlessly with their current infrastructure. The email security market is not bound by in-house software or hardware solutions. Organizations can push the war against spam, viruses, and other email borne threats outside of their network using a managed service.

What is a managed service?

Unlike software and appliance solutions, a managed email security solution sits entirely outside of your network. With a quick change of your organization’s Mail Exchange (MX) records, mail is routed through the managed service, effectively filtering your email and delivering only genuine messages to your network. Such an infrastructure offers a number of benefits over traditional appliance and software security measures.

Instant Deployment

Since a managed service introduces no hardware or software into your infrastructures, deployments typically consist of only a simple MX record change. Moreover, managed solutions come pre-configured to maximize effectiveness with minimal user intervention.

Zero Maintenance

Updates to hardware and software are a necessary evil that demands time and money. This is especially true with security technology in order to stay ahead of new threats. But a managed service introduces absolutely no hardware or software into your infrastructure. All updates are performed by the managed service transparently to the end-user.

Failover / Redundancy

Implementing a redundant infrastructure is rarely cost-effective, especially in small to medium businesses. Yet, downtime is never acceptable. Deploying a managed solution is your ticket to enterprise-class reliability, without expending financial resources to integrate a redundant network infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery

Internal network and hardware glitches that compromise the availability of your email are inevitable. During downtime, not only is productivity lost, but also data which can cost your organization countless dollars. With a managed service, your email is queued during downtime. After connectivity is re-established, your email is promptly delivered to you. Organizations which deploy managed email security are able to focus solely on regaining connectivity, without worrying about lost messages during downtime.


A managed service allows organizations the flexibility to grow without investing in additional information technology. Organizations with multiple geographic locations must purchase, implement, and maintain a software or hardware solution in each location that has a mail server. However, geographically dispersed organizations can be wholly controlled through a managed service, without any additional investments, installation, or maintenance.

Bandwidth Savings

Quality hardware and software solutions can effectively halt the flow of junk messages into end-users’ inboxes. However, these junk messages still reach the perimeter of your network. Bandwidth is required to analyse all messages, and messages that are quarantined must be downloaded and stored. With a managed solution, only genuine messages reach your network. Spam, viruses, fraud, and malicious email messages are stopped before they approach your organization’s perimeter.

Complete Threat Protection

There’s much more to email security than spam and virus protection. Directory harvesting, mail bombs, phishing, dictionary attacks, and many other threats assault vulnerable organizations each day, causing countless dollars in damage and lost productivity. Most appliances and software solutions are only a piece of the email security puzzle.
More importantly, with a managed service you have professionals maintaining your email’s security. Spam, viruses, and other email nuisances are growing more sophisticated, and require more sophisticated technology and know-how to combat them. A managed service supplies organizations with access to comprehensive technology and wisdom.


Anti-spam technology, like no other, has an uncanny ability to lose effectiveness after a year or two. This is because spam is constantly changing, while your software and hardware is staying the same.
Spam is also growing in volume. A few years ago, you may have been receiving an average of ten spam messages a day. A spam solution with a 90% capture rate would catch all but one. Today, however, many users are receiving tens, even hundreds of junk messages a day. More intelligent software is needed to stop these additional messages, without misclassifying genuine ones.
A managed solution’s core competency is to stay ahead of email threats. Thus, organizations are always plugged in to a cutting edge solution.

Platform Independent

Regardless of your organization’s preferred OS and Mail Transfer Agent (MTA), a managed service can integrate easily into your infrastructure. Even organizations that utilize several operating systems and MTAs can quickly fit under the umbrella of a managed solution.

Low TCO / Quick ROI

Software and hardware solutions can rope you in with a large, non-refundable, upfront investment, and annual recurring fees. On the other hand, a managed solution is typically subscription-based, which can be cancelled at any time for a pro-rated refund. With a lower upfront outlay and minimal maintenance, organizations can realize a return on their investment in much less time with respect to traditional email security platforms.

  • Take the burden off your budget and overworked IT staff and place it on the spammers
  • Take control of your email network with future-proof email security technology
  • Take a managed email security service for a test drive to discover why thousands of organizations have made the switch

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