What is Two Factor Authentication?

Two factor Authentication (or 2FA, TFA, T-FA) is most commonly described as “something one knows combined with something one has”.

For example:

Something one knows’ could be a username and password

Something one has’ could be a physical token such as a USB device or one time passcode generator.

Genmars two factor solution

Genmars 2FA requires a user to login to our security gateway with a One Time Passcode before proceeding to their service.  The primary device is for logging into the gateway is a USB key fob which plugs into your PC, terminal or tablet before connecting to the service.


What if key fob is lost or stolen?
The secondary two factor method is an application which runs on most smart phones which generates a One Time Code. We support Blackberrys, IPhones, Windows Phones and Android with this software.
What if both mobile device and key fob are lost?
The two factor key fob or phone is not enough to access your system alone, a username and password is also required. Even so, lost or stolen devices should be reported immediately. Can the systems be accessed without a key fob or mobile phone? Yes, emergency access procedures are in place for such circumstances.

Two Factor Authentication for the Cloud

We believe that two factor security should be included in any hosted desktop offering, to this end we are providing two factor access as standard with our hosted desktop solution, as well as offering it with our hosted exchange, CRM and SharePoint as a bolt on service.

Two Factor Authentication for companies in-house local IT infrastructure

Genmar can provide two factor solutions two any business with a server based infrastructure by routing remote access traffic through our security gateway or installing the necessary appliance and software at the customers site.


USB Two Factor Keyfobs

Two Factor Authentication KeyFob Two Factor Authentication KeyFob 2


OPT for iPhone, Android & Windows Phones



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