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3 killer features of Office365

3 killer features of Office365

With most businesses now on the Office365 platform, we’re always looking for ways to help improve the efficiency of your workforce.

In this article, we’re going to outline some of the best features in Office365 you might not be aware of.

As an added bonus, tip number three will save you time and money.


1) Sending Videos to others

If you are trying to explain something, there’s nothing better than using video.  Be it a staff induction video or training on the latest finance system, video can help your team communicate effectively.

Most are not aware of Microsoft Streams, but this is a platform inbuilt to Office365.  Similar to the video-sharing site YouTube but for internal use, Microsoft Streams allows you to upload, store and share videos all within you companies Office 365 tenant.


2) Build surveys, online forms and polls easily

There are many online services that allow you to build online forms to capture crucial information from customers, suppliers and business connections.

Microsoft Forms is another Office365 app that allows you to quickly build out online forms, surveys and polls straight from your Office365 browser.

One of the most remarkable features of Microsoft forms is that you can link it to an internal excel document or SharePoint site to view and share live data with your colleagues.

For the more advanced features, you can combine Microsoft Forms with Microsoft Power Automate to run specific tasks and alerts based on how someone fills out a form.


3) Edit PDFs in Word!

We’re not sure when Microsoft added this feature, but many have been wanted this feature for years.

Have you ever been stuck with a finalised version of a PDF? And there’s maybe some changes that are required. We used to have to shell out for an Adobe Acrobat license just to edit a few lines of text.

Not anymore.

Microsoft has added the ability to edit your PDFs in Microsoft Word.

Navigate to File > Open > Select PDF from your computer, and Word will automatically convert the PDF back to an editable Word format for your to change.


Are you looking to drive more efficiencies with Microsoft Office 365 in your workforce?  Speak with us today and learn how we can help improve the way you work.



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