Next-Gen Antivirus

Business data is increasingly at risk as your employees add more apps, devices and connections, whether working remotely or in the office, and this gives cybercriminals more ways to penetrate your network and access or, worse even, steal your data. Protect your business from ransomware attacks and gain peace of mind by using Next-Gen Antivirus (NGAV) to roll back any and all devices to their pre-threat state. There is a better way to secure your network that detects and blocks the latest threats, even those that slip past antivirus solutions ― NGAV. Protect your business, employees, and customers with the managed NGAV solution that blocks threats and gets smarter every single day with artificial intelligence (AI). It is effective against ransomware by rolling back Windows OS devices to their pre-infection state after an attack.

Increase employee productivity

Eliminate threats that outwit traditional Antivirus (AV) solutions and maintain faster device performance, creating fewer distractions that eat into employee productivity.

Keep your business safe from the latest threats

You want to keep your business, employees and all your devices safe from cyberattacks. And we all know that mobile devices are often the weakest link of IT security, as workers use less caution on-the-go than they do in the office.

4 threats traditional AV solution might miss:


  • Weaponised documents look like harmless PDF attachments in your emails, but execute attacks once they enter your network.
  • Fileless threats don’t require downloads, but execute from memory, making them difficult to identify.
  • Zero-day threats find an unknown computer vulnerability and exploit it before software or hardware providers can issue updates.
  • And ransomware attacks can disable IT networks, sometimes forever.

SMBs experienced a cyberattack that their traditional AV systems didn’t catch.

Antivirus solutions aren’t equipped to handle the latest generation of threats, because many don’t have signatures, which AV uses to detect threats. Another challenge with AV is it can’t protect you when it’s executing; cybercriminals know about this and can exploit it. Next-Gen Antivirus (NGAV) will help enhance your antivirus to protect your company against the latest threats. With the use of AI, it stays to stay up to date with threats, and it monitors processes when it’s executing, which AV can’t do.

Take a look at our infographic why Next-Gen Antivirus (NGAV) is the best choice for your IT security and business continuity.

Let us manage it for you

Don’t spend time trying to support and manage your own systems and security. With NGAV, security is one less thing you have to worry about, meaning that you can grow your business with confidence with ongoing support from us.

You’ll gain peace-of-mind that your security solution is able to protect your networks in any and every condition.


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