Cyber Essentials

More and more businesses are now being asked to become Cyber Essentials certified. The rising cost of cyber breaches and the increase of sophisticated hackers makes it more important than ever to invest in your cyber security.

Cyber Essentials is a great first step in hardening your IT Security. This government-backed cyber security certificate scheme sets out a baseline of cyber security suitable for all sizes of organisations.

The scheme sets out a series of five security controls (secure configuration, boundary firewalls and Internet gateways, access control and administrative privilege management, patch management, and malware protection) that help you stay cyber secure.

We have already achieved our Cyber Essentials certificate and have helped many other businesses do the same. We can guide you through the process from start to finish, reviewing your current IT security environment, recommending any changes, assisting with completion of Cyber Essential documentation and implement any changes required.

Other benefits of Cyber Essentials:


  • Protect your organisation from approximately 80% of cyber attacks
    • Implementing the five controls correctly will help protect your organisation.
  • Drive business efficiency
    • Focus on your core business objectives knowing that you are protected from the majority of cyber attacks.
  • Demonstrate security and help secure the supply chain
    • Demonstrate your commitment to protecting your own data and that of your customers and suppliers.
  • Work with the UK government and the MoD
    • Cyber Essentials will permit you to work with the UK government and Cyber Essentials Plus will give you the opportunity to work with the MoD.
  • Increase your chances of securing business
    • Boost your reputation and have a greater chance of winning contracts.
  • Reduce cyber insurance premiums
    • Cyber insurance agencies often look more favourably on organisations that have achieved Cyber Essentials certification.


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