Tired of Your Old Phone System?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that facilitates voice communication through the internet instead of traditional phone lines.

By converting analogue audio signals into digital data packets, VoIP offers a more cost-effective and flexible solution for businesses and individuals alike.


With our VoIP phone system, you’ll get:

  • Single point of contact for computers and phones, so no more getting caught on hold when you call tech support.
  • Reduced call charges on mobile, local, national & international calls, so you can save money on every call you make.
  • Maintain your existing telephone numbers, so it feels like nothing has changed except that now you can use your computer or mobile device to make calls at a much lower cost than before!
  • Access from anywhere – from your handset, laptop or mobile – so no matter where you are in the world, you can be sure that someone will be there waiting for your call.
  • Lower call costs – IP telephony includes free site-to-site calls and cheaper call rates than traditional landlines.
  • Enables flexible working – Helps businesses become more efficient by enabling flexible work environments through hot-desking, home working and extending the service to mobile devices.
  • Call recording and phone wallboards to improve customer contact.
VoIP infographic


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