WIFI Site Surveys

WIFI site surveys are a physical/virtual survey of your premises that identifies the strength of your internet.

Our WIFI site surveys are able to scan your whole office and present the data in an, easy to digest, report that includes a heatmap overlaid over your floor plan.

A WIFI site survey gives your business the ability to identify weak points in your internet coverage across your premises. This allows you to address these areas specifically, efficiently fixing the issues of slow internet.

Wifi Site Surveys

WIFI Heatmaps with Ekahau Connect

A WIFI heatmap visually illustrates the coverage and signal strength of a wireless network. Typically overlaid onto a building or facility floor plan, WIFI heatmaps provide network owners with a clear understanding of the locations of potential issues.

This gives you a full idea on where you need to address the issues regarding slow WIFI.


Better Performance

Conducting a WIFI survey helps strategically position access points, guaranteeing seamless signal coverage throughout the area. This approach enhances network performance, leading to improved user experiences and increased productivity.


Less Interference

 A WIFI survey identifies sources of signal interference and optimizes channel allocation, reducing network congestion and ensuring stable connections. This optimization minimizes latency and data transfer issues, contributing to smoother and more reliable wireless connectivity.


Cost Savings

By analyzing coverage needs through a WiFi survey, you can deploy access points where they’re most effective, avoiding unnecessary equipment expenses. This strategy ensures an optimal network without overspending, benefitting both budget constraints and the network’s long-term sustainability.     

The 4 Steps to a WIFI Site Survey

  1. We will initiate the WIFI site survey by clearly defining the survey’s purpose, objectives, and goals in consultation with you. With a comprehensive understanding of the survey area, we will gather the necessary tools, including specialized survey software, measurement devices, and access points. Our team will then create an accurate floor plan of the designated area, serving as the blueprint for our survey activities.
  2. Our experts will conduct on-site visits to gather data within the survey area. As we walk through the space, our team will measure signal strength, quality, and interference levels, with the Ekahau. Marking each location on the floor plan, we will make note of obstructions, interference sources, and areas with compromised signal quality.
  3. Following the data collection phase, our team will analyse the gathered information. Utilising advanced analysis tools, the results will be presented as a easy to digest WIFI heatmap. These visual representations will offer a clear overview of signal distribution, highlighting strong and weak areas as well as potential interference sources.
  4. Armed with the insights gained from data analysis, we will implement the recommended changes to enhance the WIFI network’s performance. By strategically positioning access points and fine-tuning channel settings, we will minimize interference and maximize coverage. Our ongoing commitment involves monitoring the network’s performance post-implementation, ensuring that the proposed changes deliver the intended results. As part of our service, we will continuously optimize the network to maintain its efficiency and reliability.

Book a WIFI Site Survey Today

Get in touch with our team and we will book in a date where our expert surveyors can come to you premises and carry out the survey.

Our team have over 25 years networking experience and have undergone all the necessary training to carry out fantastic WIFI site surveys.

A WIFI site survey can help elevate the network in your building, cutting down on downtime and improving productivity as well as flexibility, allowing people to work anywhere in your premises without interruption.

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