How can Next-Gen Antivirus Benefit my Business?

In the evolving landscape of cyber threats. We have seen what used top be typical malware and viruses become much more sophisticated with the improvement of AI and its integration into cyber attacks. This is what makes next-gen antivirus so important as a solution to protecting your business against Antiviruses.

But what is Next-Gen Antivirus?

Next-gen AV is a cutting-edge cybersecurity solution that goes beyond traditional methods by employing advanced technologies like machine learning and behavioural analysis to proactively detect and block a wide range of sophisticated threats.

Unlike traditional antivirus software that relies on signature-based detection, next-gen antivirus adapts to new and unknown threats in real-time, offering more dynamic and effective protection for computer systems and networks.

Traditional Next-gen Antivirus might miss –

  • Weaponised documents look like harmless PDF attachments in your emails but execute attacks once they enter your network.
  • File less threats don’t require downloads, but execute from memory, making them difficult to identify.
  • Zero-day threats find an unknown computer vulnerability and exploit it before software or hardware providers can issue updates.
  • And ransomware attacks can disable IT networks, sometimes forever.

That’s why investing in Next-Gen Antivirus is so important.

And How Can it Benefit You?

The answer is simple, next-gen antivirus is just better. 82% of SMBs say they’ve experienced a cyberattack that their traditional AV systems didn’t catch. Next-gen AV doesn’t let that happen.

Here are 3 of the main benefits you’ll gain –

Enhanced Threat Detection:

Next-gen antivirus uses advanced technologies like machine learning to identify and thwart a wider array of cyber threats, including novel and complex attacks.

Minimised False Alarms:

By moving beyond signature-based detection, next-gen antivirus reduces false positives, ensuring more accurate identification of genuine threats without flagging harmless activities.

Dynamic Adaptability:

Next-gen antivirus can quickly adapt to changing cyber landscapes, updating its defences in real-time to address emerging threats, providing a proactive and resilient security approach.

How do you Set it Up?

Realistically speaking, the easiest way to set it up is to go to an MSP and contact them about doing it for you.

They will then seamlessly integrate it in the background while your work continues as usual.

Next-gen Antivirus

Let us manage it for you

Don’t spend time trying to support and manage your own systems and security. With NGAV, security is one less thing you have to worry about, meaning that you can grow your business with confidence with ongoing support from us.

You’ll gain peace-of-mind that your security solution is able to protect your networks in any and every condition.

To get started, head to our site and get in touch – Next-Gen Antivirus

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