Areas We Serve

Based in Bishop’s Stortford, we supply high quality IT support and managed services such as hosted solutions, IT security and Voice & Data throughout Southeast of England.

Genmar’s IT support service can give your business the equivalent of an IT manager and team of support staff at a fraction of the cost. For small businesses this service is essential, for larger businesses who already have an in-house IT arrangement in place Genmar can either augment your existing IT management or replace it entirely.

Our team of dedicated IT professionals are always on hand to take your support calls. All our technical support engineers are trained to industry standard, and they have the certificates to prove it!

Although our local IT support is limited to the areas listed below, our managed services are available nationally and internationally as they do not require any onsite presence.

IT Support Infographic

Proactive Support

It’s one thing to answer a call quickly and fix a problem, but wouldn’t it be better if the problem didn’t happen to start with? We monitor all our supported devices 24/7 and receive alerts if something goes wrong. This way we can get ahead of an issue before it causes you downtime.

We also book regular IT strategy meetings with our clients so they are always aware of the newest and best technologies and can be replacing failing systems before it causes a problem.


All too often we speak with business owners who are not aware of which services their IT company is providing or even how much they are paying. We pride ourselves on having simple, straight forward pricing with no long-term contracts or Jargon.


We have a security first approach to all our IT services to give you peace of mind that your business is secure. We offer many security services independent from the support contract, but this doesn’t stop us from making sure all our supported customers are having regular security checkups and recommendations.


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