Project & Ad Hoc Work

We know your businesses success stems from high quality management. This does not stop at your IT, in fact well managed IT is one of the most important pillars to a businesses success.

A well managed project makes what would typically be a stressful time, much less strain on both you and your business.

We have the expert knowledge of trained professionals as well as over 25 years experience, helping businesses elevate their IT infrastructure, ensuring they have the best infrastructure that aligns with their business goals and budget.

Project and ad hoc work

Why Choose Genmar?

Project & Ad Hoc Work

Expertise and Versatility

Our team consists of trained professionals who have the required qualifications and the knowledge to back it up. With over 25 years of experience, we have seen it all, no problem or project will be too big or complex.

Project & Ad Hoc Work

Customised Solutions

We ensure to go above and beyond: Rather than fix the problem, wouldn’t it be better if the problem didn’t happen at all? We ensure to set up your infrastructure so that you spend less time managing problems and more time managing your business.

Project & Ad Hoc Work

Local to Your Business

We exclusively deal with businesses local to us, ensuring we understand the area you operate in as well as the requirements that come with it. This also means in the case of an emergency, you won’t be left waiting.

This is a service available to both existing supported customers and ad-hoc. Covering anything outside the standard break-fix of our support package, from installing a few network points to a complete hardware roll-out.

With all project work we ensure our focus is on achieving the agreed outcome, on time, in budget with as little disturbance to the day-to-day running of your organisation.

Firstly, we’ll talk with you to understand your goals, then, we’ll define the project objectives, conduct a feasibility study, and establish the project team.

We’ll then beginning planning the project, ensuring you are well informed of what we plan to do. We will make sure to work closely with you in order to guarantee the smoothest experience possible.

The project will get under way, we will monitor progress, conduct team meetings, and implement quality control measures. Ensuring we provide regular updates and help deal with any issues you have along the way.

It is important that no issues arise while we are working, that is why we are constantly monitoring the progress of these projects, with daily meetings as well as regular 1 to 1s that make sure the project is completed smoothly.

We value our customers opinions above all. That is why, after completion of the project, we love to hear feedback on how we have performed, a quick review on Google would be great.

Project & Ad Hoc Work

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Project & Ad Hoc Work

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