Case Studies

Genmar IT has been delivering outstanding managed IT services for over 20 years to businesses between 5 and 1000+ staff. Based in Bishops Stortford we supply high quality IT support across the South East of England and can provide managed services across the UK and internationally.

Below are a list of case studies that highlight how we have helped our customers in a number of different ways. Here we have outlined the challenges our customers face, the solutions we provide and the benefits that they receive.

Case Study - Stafford Wealth

As a Wealth management company, Stafford Wealth required a secure, scalable and easy to access hosted solution for their data storage, email and desktop environment.

Simply Academy Case Study

Simply Academy takes cyber security seriously and we helped investing in advanced measures that extend beyond traditional perimeter defences giving them the peace of mind that their defences will protect against the vast majority of common cyber-attacks.

Case Study - Knights Edmonds

Knight Edmonds, launched in March 2020, have a vision to offer a better experience to customers looking to move home. Their mission is to make moving simple and forging deep, long-lasting relationships with their clients. To achieve this, they also needed to become more flexible and increase their productivity.

Regardless of your current position, whether you are in contract with another MSP, have in house support staff or just get someone in to work ad hoc when required, we know we can add value. If you are interested in seeing how we can provide value to your business, please get in contact.

Exceptional Customer Service

We have always kept customer service at the top of our priorities since we started providing IT support. At the end of the day, no matter how technically knowledgeable your IT provider is – if you don’t understand or have a good relationship with them you will not be receiving the full value.

We train all our staff in customer service with accredited external trainers and pride ourselves on receiving countless referrals and customer testimonials.

IT Support Infographic

Proactive Support

It’s one thing to answer a call quickly and fix a problem, but wouldn’t it be better if the problem didn’t happen to start with? We monitor all our supported devices 24/7 and receive alerts if something goes wrong. This way we can get ahead of an issue before it causes you downtime.

We also book regular IT strategy meetings with our clients so they are always aware of the newest and best technologies and can be replacing failing systems before it causes a problem.


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