Cloud Migration

As a very early adopter of “Cloud” technology, Genmar have many years of experience in this arena. We are well placed to ascertain your requirements and offer the best solutions to your situation. Most companies now use some cloud-based applications, but to ensure your business can make the most of the available technology, we strongly advise you take advantage of our free impartial advice before committing to a potentially damaging, poorly planned solution. Our expertise in Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hosted Desktop & Apps, SaaS etc. allow us to recommend the best solution for your specific needs.

Migrating to these new systems can be a minefield and is a key factor in delaying the decision for many businesses. This does not need to be the case – with the right solution, detailed planning and timely integration, we hand-hold throughout the migration ensuring as little down-time as possible. This can also include our staff floor-walking onsite assisting your staff with the new systems.

Whether you are an existing customer under support or not the initial consultancy is free of charge.

Cloud Migration

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    Before considering any cloud migration, detailed planning is essential. By employing techniques like SWOT analysis and environment assessments we can determine what applications should be migrated and how.

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    We identify the best cloud environment for you, whether full or partial; Public, Private or hybrid.

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    Full backups are taken, dates and times agreed with you, ensuring downtime is kept to a minimum. On completion we monitor, test and have engineers on hand to floor walk and assist.


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