Dark Web Monitoring

Dark web monitoring is a critical strategy for business owners grappling with cybersecurity threats like data breaches and compromised credentials. It involves actively surveying underground online forums and encrypted networks where cybercriminals operate, allowing businesses to detect and address potential threats before they materialise.

By adopting dark web monitoring, businesses gain insights into vulnerabilities, unauthorised access attempts, and potential cyber attacks, fostering a proactive approach to cybersecurity and ensuring greater resilience against evolving online threats.

Dark web monitoring

Your data is valuable and should belong to you. Nevertheless our online records are exposed on an almost daily basis, with potentially devastating consequences.

As the prevalence of phishing and other attacks are increasing, more and more of our confidential data is being sold online and listed in public data dumps.

This makes it possible for malicious parties to access your usernames, addresses, personal data and even passwords by merely searching for it online. To make sure you and your business are safe from this threat, setup dark web monitoring to alert you to new breaches containing your data.

You can use this free online tool to check if you email address or phone number has appeared in any online data dump.

 You can also get in contact with us and we can search for the actual password which was released online. Using this information we can advise which passwords need to be reset or additional layers of security that need implementing.


Threat Detection

Early Threat Detection

By utilising dark web monitoring, you can detect potential cyber threats early on, giving you the advantage of timely intervention to prevent data breaches. This proactive approach ensures that your sensitive information and financial assets remain secure, staying ahead of malicious actors.


Reputation Management

Implementing dark web monitoring allows you to protect your online reputation by swiftly identifying and addressing compromised credentials. This not only prevents unauthorised access but also showcases your commitment to customer trust, as you can take prompt action to secure sensitive data.


Regulatory Compliance 

With dark web monitoring, you can ensure your SMB adheres to data protection regulations proactively. By monitoring for potential data leaks or breaches, you demonstrate compliance, reducing the risk of legal consequences and financial penalties associated with regulatory non-compliance.


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