Productivity Monitoring

As we rely more on IT and the use of devices at work, business now realise the benefits of monitoring their use. Both to accurately monitor performance for reward and to police based on set parameters dictated by you. This will track and measure work activity without relying on human input. This unbiased dataset includes usernames, application title bars, website URLs, activity duration, screenshots, idle time, and USB activity.

Secure your assets

Alarms trigger when pre-defined conditions are met. Activities like USB file transfers, IP address connections, and website or application access can all be monitored for suspicious behaviour.

React to potential threats with screenshots, email notifications to the account administrator, popup messages to device users, and application termination on the device that triggered the alarm.

With those screenshots, you are likely to capture sensitive data. Keep it secret from anyone that may have access to your screenshots using screenshot image redaction.

Empower your team

Without looking over someone’s shoulder, it’s impossible to know how work is being completed. Productivity monitoring is the unobtrusive method for analysing employee activities and displaying them visually.

Top users reports help you identify and recognize hard-working employees. The data serves as a trackable and measurable indicator of career growth for each employee.

Look at each person’s level of engagement with the Alarm Risk meter and investigate those in danger of becoming disengaged.


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