Microsoft Azure

Servers have been the backbone of all IT infrastructure from the dawn of the information age. From the 70’s and 80’s where they were employed to perform specific tasks, to the 90’s and 00’s where they sat on-premise at the centre of the local network performing a host of tasks, to the early to mid 2010’s when we saw the birth of new technologies like virtualisation allowing MSP’s like Genmar to buy and house high end servers in professional datacentres and rent “cloud” servers to customers, negating the need for customers to buy and maintain themselves. With Microsoft, Amazon and others now offering us the ability to provision servers owned and run by them in absolute state-of-the-art data centres around the globe (Genmar use only those located in the UK) we are now able to rent these as a service to our customers.

With unlimited scalability, unsurpassed state-of-the-art security, full built in backup and continual updating of compliance to meet the ever changing needs of modern business, Azure is the answer. As cloud is the future of computing then Azure is the future for cloud. Call us today to discuss how we can help Azure help you.


  • Security – It is common for many to believe that data in the cloud is insecure. In fact, the opposite is true. With a server based on your premises, physical security is limited to the locks on the door and your alarm system and network security limited by your budget for a firewall device. Migrating to Azure provides the full sci-fi movie infrastructure of one of the worlds largest and most technically advanced companies. Access is controlled by multi-factor authentication and biometric scanners and everything is monitored 24/7/365 by their global response team.
  • Cost – Investing in new infrastructure is always a large investment of capital expenditure. With Azure this is no longer an issue. Instead of replacing your servers every five years we essentially configure, maintain and rent your server from Microsoft for a smaller monthly cost making it an operating expenditure like Office 365.
  • Scalability – A major benefit with Microsoft Azure is that you only pay for what you need. An example of this would be any business that is seasonal or suffers from other peaks and troughs. Traditionally you would be required to buy and maintain servers to cope with the height of any peak and estimate this over the lifespan of the server say 5 to 7 years. Our managed services in Azure allow you to pay only for the current monthly use and to up or downscale as required. With the unlimited resources of Microsoft the sky is the limit.
  • Back Up and Disaster Recovery – Backing up your data to the Cloud is both cost-effective and intelligent. With 99 years of retention and Site Recovery, Azure’s form of disaster recovery, there are options to back up to and recover from a secondary site or straight into the Cloud. Azure’s Backup and Disaster Recovery provides the confidence that comes with a leading world-class innovator.
  • Compliance – Ensuring your systems are compliant is a major decider in the move to cloud. Azure offers more compliance offerings in comparison to any other provider. Professional sectors can be confident their data meets any compliance regulations that may be required of them whether set by governing bodies or required by customers.


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