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Are you backing up your cloud?

Are you backing up your cloud?


Most cloud service like Office 365 and G Suite come with a level of data redundancy.


However, there is an ever-increasing need for cloud services to also be backed up.


In this article, we’ll reveal why exactly you should be thinking about backing up your cloud services and why almost all managed IT service companies offer this at an additional cost to the regular backup.


Why should I backup Office 365 or my cloud services?


There are two main risks when it comes to operating your IT in the cloud.      The first is access to your data.  If there is a catastrophic event at a cloud provider or the network that connects that cloud provider to you then quite simply you may not be able to access emails, documents or services.


The second reason and one which is increasing every day is the security of your data.  If there is a breach for example due to ransomware then there’s a good chance the data in your cloud could be compromised.


As such backing up your cloud data is becoming an increasingly popular activity amongst the savvy businesses that know about current risks in their business.


If I’m backing up my cloud data, where exactly should I back it up to?


Good question, there are a few options:


Your business premises – this makes sense on a few levels however there are limitations on downloading a complete replica of all company data to a local location.  The first being the required network connectivity (bandwidth).  There’s also the storage capacity required to house the backups.


Limited bandwidth will also restrict the time required to make a complete backup as such a data centre or another cloud provider is the preferable option.


Backup Encryption


Ideally, whatever method your IT provider suggests as a solution for cloud backup you should ask the question and confirm that the data is encrypted.


Due to the sheer volume of data now held in cloud services that relate to your business some of it will be highly confidential and a risk to your business if it gets into the wrong hands.


Data encryption of backups is a must as it will help protect against breaches in security and data leaks.


If you want to find out more about cloud backup solutions that we offer please get in touch with us.

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