ChatGPT – The most powerful AI yet?

Over the past few weeks all that the tech world is talking about is ChatGPT – The newest advancement in AI technology. What better way to find out what ChatGPT is, than to ask it?

Essentially, ChatGPT is your own personal Google, idea generator, programmer, article writer, summariser, storyteller, and recipe book (yes, really). And that is just the abilities that was found after playing around with the programme for 10 minutes.

The capability of this programme is both incredible and terrifying. A university student struggling on an essay can simply ask ChatGPT to write it for him. While the essay wouldn’t be perfect it is nearly impossible to tell that it was written by a computer, meaning that there would be no way of telling what is genuine and what isn’t.

It is also making critical thinking and actual research more obsolete by the day, being able to easily summarise what would take hours of research in the space of 1 minute. Simply paste in that painfully long article and tell ChatGPT to summarise it and almost instantly you will have neatly summarised points on the main focuses of that article.

Could this AI effect how businesses are run?

  • Chatbots such as GPT could easily communicate effectively with customers and offer basic support for common issues.
  • ChatGPT could massively reduce research time on topics and could even help with coding issues on a website
  • ChatGPT can offer ideas of marketing solutions and sales. Such as using previous purchases or browses on the site to sell products the user would have interest in.
  • Help debug and fix coding errors on a website using its in built programming knowledge

And as the AI only gets better who knows what it will be able to do in the future. In the last year we have gone from very basic AI drawing to extremely detailed AI artwork created from a short prompt. Imagine what will be possible in the next 6 months as AI grows exponentially.

Perhaps it could fully replace the support team, act as a sales assistant, or even replace entire web design teams.

The fun possibilities of ChatGPT.

One of my personal favourite things of ChatGPT is its ability to create a recipe for you using specific ingredients left in the fridge. Using a random ingredient generator and telling ChatGPT to make me a meal with only those ingredients it created what looks to be a tasty sweet potato and mackerel bake. ChatGPT being able to make a recipe using random ingredients

It’s these aspects of AI that can be massively helpful in aiding people’s everyday lives, and if this was to be implemented into something like Siri, it could revolutionise voice assistants making them an integral part of our lives.

As AI continues to grow the way it has it will not be long before it will be indistinguishable from human creation. Leaving us living as one with the computer.

I encourage you to spend 10 minutes playing around with this AI, it is mind blowing the things it can do.

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