Data Science and AI – Their Power in Modern Business

Our days are constantly being influenced by tech; we need it for our lives to run as efficiently – and to the quality – that we have become accustomed to. We are going to be using tech more and more over the coming years, and as it evolves and advances it will become ever more prominent in not just our work lives but our home lives too.

We are already past the point of no return, because our businesses would fail without the effective use of tech, so we need to be sure we are doing everything in our power to use tech as efficiently as we can.

That is where AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science come in.


AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science

AI (Artificial Intelligence), Automation, and Data Science are some of the biggest technological advancements of all time. They allow us to reduce human influence – sometimes to the point that hardly any human input is needed at all.

In the past, these tech marvels were the stuff of science fiction comic books and stories, and this is likely the reason for many small to medium business owners not giving them a second look, or considering them an option, as they assume that such advancements are reserved for large multinational corporations with big bank accounts. However, if they take the time to learn more about technology, they will discover that, in fact, it is more relevant to them than larger businesses.

AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science – when at their most elaborate, expensive, and innovative – are comparable to those science fiction novels we mentioned, but there are different levels to their abilities. Take Sophia, the robot, for example – she can mimic human speech, movement, and mannerisms, she can use facial expression to communicate, she is so advanced that she has been granted the honour of being the planet’s first robot citizen. She is at the cutting edge of AI and Machine Learning.  Of course, this isn’t possible – or even needed – for most, but there are small business uses for AI and Machine Learning too, because in a small business AI would refer to a logical computerised automated process that would operate within your CRM.

Machine Learning is a form of AI that allows the system to learn from its experiences, all without specific programming to complete that function – and that is where Data Science comes in. Machine Learning uses an algorithm designed specifically to calculate data automatically for you, saving you a lot of time.

If you’re confused, we wouldn’t blame you – so let’s break this down further.  AI and Machine Learning will process countless types of data automatically for you once you have input pre agreed parameters for them to follow, allowing you to adapt the way you and your team work, according to the data – and data never lies.

AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science are at the forefront of business innovation in every industry in the world – business owners can be sure that they are achieving full value from their team by taking those mundane tasks that every workplace has and placing them firmly in the hands of their tech – this allows the skilled team to get back to the important tasks which they are employed to complete, and also frees time for new beneficial business activities. Letting the machines manage the mundane will make your team happier too – who wants to be doing a mind-numbing task all day?


The human touch is far superior, isn’t it?

As we just said, there are creative tasks that require the delicacy of human touch. Everyone knows tech’s capabilities, and they are truly amazing, but let’s go deeper: the tools we use are not only capable and reliable but capable and dependable to our whim. Your staff – rightfully – have holiday they are entitled to, they get sick, they have dentist appointments, family weddings, funerals, and all manner of things that can keep them out of work for some time over an average year – whereas tech is capable and, above all, reliable every single day. If you make the right choice on the tech you choose, being sure that it’s capable and cost-effective, then your business can reach levels of productivity that, with just your human team, simply wasn’t possible.

A wholesale change like this will have ripple effects across your entire organisation, from your customers’ experience through to the way you communicate with others in the industry. This is why it is understandable that this transition is a slightly different process than with the previous technological upgrades you have undergone.

Don’t let your nerves get the better of you. You must utilise the extensive capabilities of new modern tech – your organisation can enjoy new levels of efficiency and, uniquely, be able to offer guarantees to your customers. Business owners predominantly don’t make guarantees because they are dangerous things to make in the unpredictable world we work in. But, with technology taking the reins, the quality of work that you are able to achieve is not affected by mood, concentration, or what’s going on in the car park; instead, efficiency can stay consistent throughout the entire day.

In our following article we will explore the small business benefits of AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science.


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