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Do you run events?  3 ways you can use IT to operate as normal.

Do you run events? 3 ways you can use IT to operate as normal.


How can you effectively plan your IT so that business can run as normal?


Maybe you run events, meetings or workshops?  Many businesses run these types of physical meetings, and in lockdown, you can still operate. We’re going to discuss what IT systems to use.


The Workshop


These types of events usually have some interaction with a presenter, the audience and whiteboards for collaboration.


Now you might have guessed I’d suggest Microsoft Teams here but there are a few software platforms specifically designed for workshops and canvas collaboration.


These include Bluescape, Microsoft Whiteboard & Mural.


These platforms benefit from several cloud technologies.  Bluescape, for example, runs purely in the web browser.  If you have a large number of people attending an online event you don’t have to worry about software, Bluescape is controlled all within Edge or Google Chrome.


The Online Presentation/Webinar


There are many webinar software choices on the market.  Microsoft has started supporting webinars within Microsoft Teams with enterprise licensing.  However, Zoom has the upper hand when it comes to webinars.


Not only can you control participants and attendees Zoom also includes a slick registration process where all attendees are reminded about the webinar taking place with account down emails.


This might sound like a bonus but from an online perspective, these reminders will boost the numbers that come to your presentation.


The collaboration/team environment


I don’t think I’ve ever been to an online networking event, can you imagine a BNI meeting or local networking event being held online?  Well, Microsoft Teams might provide the answer.


Microsoft’s leading application has made waves in the workplace over the last few years and the ability to create segmented channels and topics.  This functionality combined with the inbuilt chat and video conference feature allows Microsoft Teams to be used for some creative purposes.


There’s is a whole host of software packages that can provide a solution.  We’re here to help you make the right choice with the right software.


As an IT provider, we can deploy this software, keep it secure and train your staff so they’ll be confident in delivering what’s required no matter where they might be located over the coming months.

Contact us today to get your workforce ready for the coming changes.






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