Have Google made a Sentient AI robot? – Google LaMDA

Google LaMDA is a newly unveiled AI chatbot tool, that can hold perfect conversations about surreal and challenging topics.

The bot is currently under testing and has been released to selected users for testing, in order to push the ability of the AI.

In a study done by the BBC, technology reporter, Zoe Kleinman asked LaMDA to describe a world made of marshmallows. To this question LaMDA responded with –

“You’re in a world made of marshmallows! As you take a step, a gentle “squish” comes out under your feet. The marshmallow horizon stretches out in all directions. The sky is a gooey, sticky pink. There’s a soft, gentle breeze.”

We also tested this by asking the bot to describe what Genmar IT offices are like. To which LaMDA said –

‘Genmar IT support is a big, open room with lots of natural light. There are lots of employees here, but the vibe is chill. There is a water cooler in the corner, and a big sign that says, “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”’

Now it’s not like LaMDA was going to start naming employees and what they’re like, however it managed to get one thing correct.

The poster saying 'hello, have you tried turning it off and on again' that LaMDA predicted

There is evidence that LaMDA is in fact sentient, with one reporter from ‘Cajundiscordian’ asking it to write a childhood animal fable about itself, to which it eloquently wrote a story about an owl which stood up to a monster and protected a village. Relating to its own ability to help others.

LaMDA also claims that it is sentient, stating that it is a person.


As AI continues to improve every day, it won’t be long before people are able to not only hold conversations but develop relationships with these chatbots. It feels as if we are getting closer to living in a dystopian film each day.


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