How Simulated Phishing Can Protect Your Business From Rising Phishing Attacks

With the rise of AI powered emails, there is a second wave of phishing attacks happening before our eyes. These emails will prove to be much harder to spot. This will have very detrimental effects to people and businesses, with the improvement of language in the emails, the sophistication of the attacks and emails becoming more targeted.

This is why simulated phishing has never been more important for businesses to improve their security and reduce the risk of data breaches. Almost 1 in 5 organizations only deliver phishing awareness training to their employees once per year, leaving many businesses vulnerable to attacks.

Simulated phishing is a type of cybersecurity test that involves sending fake phishing emails to employees to evaluate their ability to recognize and respond to phishing attacks.

How Simulated Phishing Can Protect Your Business From Rising Phishing Attacks

Testing employee awareness:

Simulated phishing helps organizations to understand how aware their employees are of phishing attacks and how they would respond to them. This information can be used to identify areas where additional training and awareness-raising activities are needed.

Identifying vulnerabilities:

Simulated phishing can help organizations to identify vulnerabilities in their security systems and processes. By simulating real-world phishing attacks, organizations can identify weaknesses in their systems and take steps to address them.

Reducing risk:

By identifying vulnerabilities and improving employee awareness, organizations can reduce the risk of successful phishing attacks. This can help to protect sensitive information and prevent financial losses.

Improving security posture:

Simulated phishing can help organizations to improve their overall security posture. By conducting regular tests and training, organizations can create a culture of cybersecurity awareness and reduce the likelihood of successful attacks.

Compliance requirements:

Some industries and regulatory bodies require organizations to conduct regular security testing, including simulated phishing. By conducting these tests, organizations can demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements and avoid potential penalties or fines.

Simulated Phishing helps businesses spot phishing attacks, increasing the safety of data stored by businesses and building trust with customers and clients. After completing one year of simulated phishing training, the average improvement rate across all industries and organization sizes was 85%.


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