Pangeos, the Yacht That Will House 60,000 people

Pangeos is a design released by Lazzarini Design Studio has shown the plans for a 548 x 609 meter yacht that houses villas, apartments, a rooftop mall, gardens, several pools, and a beach club. This water city will be home to 60,000 guests and residents who live on this fully self-sustainable yacht.

Lazzarini Design Studio is an Italian company that provide high quality 3D renders of ambitious projects. Some of their work has previously gone viral for its eccentricity. Their Swan / Yacht design receiving a lot of attention on social media a few years back.

How Big is Pangeos?

Pangeos’ massive size is unprecedented in the world of engineering. The terayacht is said to be mad of 30,000 individual cells that would keep Pangeos afloat. The largest ship ever created is the Seawise Giant, measuring at 459.41 meters in length and 86.5 meters in width.

The Terayacht is so big that not a single dock in the world would be able to house it, meaning that the once Pangeos is created it will be forever sailing through the sea. People will have to board via smaller yachts and ferries, or even a helicopter, which can park in one of the yachts many hangers, helipads, or marinas.

The Yacht would also need its own shipyard as it is too large to be made in any other shipyard, Saudi Arabia is said to be the potential location for this project to come to life. Saying that the yacht could be finished in 8 years, with a construction cost of 8 billion USD.

Pangeos will have room for many helicopters on its roof.

Pangeos is stated to be fully self-sufficient, with the vessel being covered in Solar Panels that could produce all the energy needed to power everything the residents of the yacht would need. The large ‘wings’ of the turtle would also draw power from the waves, adding to the endless supply over energy the yacht could create.

You can already buy property on this boat, in the form of an NFT, with prices of 1.5 ETH (1,800 USD) for a deposit on a ‘super villa’ on Pangeos.

While there are some thoughts that it is just a PR stunt and that it will never be made, or that it would not be able to withstand stormy weather, it is more fun to imagine living on a water city.

Pangeos the Terayacht – YouTube


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