Teams or Zoom

Teams Vs Zoom – which one is better?

Teams Vs Zoom – which one is better?


With many businesses now running their entire operations, virtually both Microsoft Teams and Zoom have become the go-to choice for online meetings.


A question that we are often asked: “which meeting room software is better?”


In this article, we’ll outline the benefits of both systems and draw up some interesting conclusions that will help you make the most of either solution.




The main benefit Zoom has over Microsoft Teams is the ability to see all people in the meeting room.


At the time of writing, Microsoft Teams only allows you to see the lasts four people that have spoken in the room. Seeing only four people can keep focus in the meeting however it is useful to be able to see reactions from everyone in the room when there is a discussion taking place.


Zoom also has a more robust webinar feature.  A webinar differs from a traditional online meeting as you have a host, participants and attendees.


Interaction between is more one-sided and used to deliver online presentations.  Zoom’s main benefit in this area is that it handles the whole registration piece, something that is currently missing from Microsoft Teams.


Registration is an essential feature of webinars as it can help increase attendance to the online event.  Zoom, unlike teams, handles webinar registrations and allows the host to manage attendees.


Microsoft Teams


Hands down Microsoft Teams has much better integration with most business applications if you are running Office 365 compared to Zoom.


From a security and data perspective, Microsoft Teams integrates with your Office 365 environment if you have two-factor authentication turned on in 365 it will also be available within Teams when users sign in.


Microsoft is playing catch up in regards to some features host. An example, only this month have they made available virtual backgrounds.  Something that Zoom has had for a while now.


The other killer feature which Microsoft is actively working on is increasing the headcount from 4 up to 9 video windows within a meeting.


Both Teams and Zoom work well, and their feature set grows every month.  There are some security concerns around Zoom which are actively working improve.


There is no one size fits all solution, and there are several factors when choosing what communication platform to use.  We’re ready to help you make the correct choice.  We can review your current set up as an impartial third party and make sure you’ve got the best solution in place.


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