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The Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support

The Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support as opposed to hiring an In-house IT Professional

With the recent shift to work-from-home scenarios, companies worldwide are beginning to explore outsourcing as a cost-cutting measure. IT support is one thing that many business leaders are thinking about sending out of house.

Why the shift?

  • The salaries of internal IT employees are expensive
  • IT support is not the main work of most businesses
  • Technology is always changing

The reasons that companies are looking at the outsourced IT option are only half the picture. Let’s explore the benefits that CEOs and CFOs are looking to achieve in this transition from in-house IT support employees to outsourced IT help.


A Cost-Effective Format

Because IT services firms (commonly known as MSPs – Managed Service Providers) care for the IT support requirement of dozens, if not hundreds, of individual companies, they are able to spread the cost of tools and staff across the spectrum of their clients. This affords the MSP an economy of scale that cannot be achieved in a company’s internal IT department.

By partnering with an outside IT support team, you are able to see a substantial reduction of IT management and maintenance cost, resulting from the MSPs business model


A Full Team of IT Specialists

When your company hires an internal IT employee, you hire one individual with a specific set of IT proficiencies. However, because of the ever-increasing nature of business technology, many more IT skill sets are needed to help you achieve your organizational goals.

Working together with an IT services company gives you access to their full slate of IT employees, their IT specializations, and their experience.


An Easily Budgeted Cost Structure

CFOs are generally drawn to the Managed IT Services model of IT support because it is a subscription model that provides a predictable, stable, comprehensive monthly cost structure. By outsourcing your IT support, you can narrow your IT support expenditures to a single, all-inclusive monthly payment.


A Proactive Approach

Outsourced IT services firms are most profitable when they keep your IT systems running securely and flawlessly. Their goal is to keep your IT systems running at full throttle through proactive management and maintenance, so they don’t have to spend money and hours responding to preventable IT issues.

The biggest benefit of this proactive approach to IT support is that you will experience near-zero unplanned downtime.


High-Level Business Technology Consulting

Leaders across industries are all asking the same question. “What can new and emerging technology do for my business?”

It’s a good question, and companies that rely on outsourced IT services firms are able to access answers more readily.


Because internal IT employees are usually so bogged down in the daily details of the work that they don’t have the time (or energy) to look at the big picture.

The experience that Managed IT Services firms obtain by working with many companies across a wide array of industries helps them know what technologies to suggest for your process improvement.


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