The Dark Web – Prepare for a Cyber Attack

In our previous article we explored the technological landscape of our workplaces, and we discovered that the opportunities are growing for cyber criminals. Business owners simply aren’t educating their employees sufficiently enough on the ever-expanding list of methods used by the criminal community to gain access and steal data. At the least, business owners should be teaching their employees about the potentially disastrous consequences of a successful attack.

We also explored some of the most common methods used by cyber criminals to gain access to your data.

We will now take a deeper look into cyber security and the numerous ways in which you can prepare your business for an attack.


How to be best prepared for a cyber attack


Education is – by some way – the most effective method used to prepare for cyber threats. Employees are not familiar with the array of cyber threats out there, and they will likely have even less knowledge on their role in defending your systems against them. This makes it a priority; education could be the difference between an attack succeeding or failing.


Passwords must be unique, long, and random. Each password should bear no similarities with any others already in use, they should not include words, phrases, or number/letter sequences that have a personal connection to you in any way.

Multi factor authentication

Multi factor authentication requires additional access criteria to be met on top of the correct username/password combination. This is because it is entirely personal, and it comes in the form of a question, pin number, or biometric data – this sounds complicated, but biometric data is as simple as the fingerprint we all use to unlock our devices.

Test passwords

Purchase a password testing tool. If you use Microsoft’s suite of tools, we recommend their Safety and Security Centre which contains a tool exactly for this purpose but, if not, there are many others on the market.

Secure Mobile devices

Mobile devices have become an important part of business. As they become more widely used, device security has become a core business concern. You must implement strict security measures, because if your device is stolen or lost it can be accessed easily, leaving all your sensitive data open to whoever stole it. Upon purchasing any portable device, you must secure it with pin/password protection as well as multi factor authentication – you must keep your devices protected.

The human Firewall

As mentioned above, the most important line of defence is your human firewall. Your users are the first and the most important line of defence you have in your arsenal. They are the direct link between the tools you have spent money on, and their correct implementation, maintenance, and use. Without a competent team your data will never be safe.

If you are in search of cyber security tools, expertise, or training for your team, please don’t hesitate to contact us to see how our team of experts can help you going forward into a cyber secure future.


The Right IT Support for you

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