What’s New in ChatGPT for November 2023?

It’s been almost a year since the famous AI chatbot, ChatGPT, was released. Taking the world by storm, terrorising teachers with it’s AI written essays, transforming the workplace and being at the forefront of what is unprecedented growth in the AI industry.

Since the release on November 30th, 2022, there have been significant improvements to both the intelligence, safety, and versatility of the chatbot, with continuous growth and need for innovation as the market becomes more and more competitive. With huge players backed by some of the largest companies in the world, we are in for the most exciting period for AI we have ever seen.

Today we look at what you may have missed in ChatGPT’s recent updates as well as what there is to get excited for in the near future.


ChatGPT can now use the Internet!

At the end of September, it was announced that GPT4 (The more advanced, paid version of ChatGPT) will now be able to browse the internet when answering your queries. This was a much-needed change when previously ChatGPT only operated on data that existed before September 2021.

This was delayed due to complications with the chatbot getting into a habit for hallucinating and sometimes conflating recent and historical information. This however, seems to have been fixed in the newest updates.

You Can Now Send ChatGPT Pictures

At the end of September, OpenAI also announced that they are allowing users to send ChatGPT images in addition to text queries. This is a massive new development, making GPT much more powerful to users.

This could help with tasks such as lowering your bike seat, helping to identify tools in a toolbox or locating part of a car’s engine. It can even look at your fridge and make a recipe from the ingredients in there. The possibilities really are endless with image processing.

You and ChatGPT Can Now Talk to Each Other

GPT4 users will also be able to talk to ChatGPT and get a response back in the form of words, not writing. Not only is this great for visually impaired users, but also useful for people who might have their hands tied, not being able to type to the chatbot.

You can pick from 5 generated voices to give the response.

You Might Soon be Able to Customise and Build your Own GPT.

In recent leaked screenshots, we can see a custom chatbot creator with many of the same features already available in ChatGPT using GPT-4, like web browsing and data analysis. It is also rumoured that OpenAI will have a marketplace where users can share their Chatbot and download bots made by other users.

The creator would allow you to alter the personality, role, AI language, tone as well as many other more detailed parameters. This would massively help with creating more specific bots for individual job roles, from something creative, like a content planner or something more technical.

Users can also upload files for a bespoke knowledgebase and toggle capabilities like web browsing and image generation. There’s also a box for adding custom actions to your chatbot.

While these are just rumours, here is a prototype of what it could look like.

These are all incredibly exciting and potentially game changing features that would cement OpenAi’s already strong reputation as the top dog in the AI market.

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