Why you should partner with a MSP

Here’s why you should partner with Managed Service Provider

Many businesses opt for internal IT support technicians and managers. The main benefit is response times and knowledge of business processes and culture.

There is a growing trend to partner up with local IT and Technology companies. In this article, we’ll investigate the reasons why many businesses are choosing a co-managed IT service solution for their business.


Knowledge Pool

Probably the number one reason that most internal IT technicians partner with managed IT service companies (MSPs) is the access to a far more comprehensive skill set and knowledge pool.

Sometimes there are problems with IT infrastructure that require a level of experience or knowledge that is out with the employee’s sphere. In these circumstances, a quick five-minute call with a 3rd line technician can resolve a problem that would have otherwise taken days or even weeks of problem-solving.



Smaller IT teams use outsourced IT primarily for resourcing. This can come in many flavours, but what we see most is holiday cover when an internal team member is off the MSP can step up to the plate and help reduce the slack on support requests.

The other resourcing which is common is 1st line support tickets. These generally are for mundane tasks like password resets or fixing broken VPN connections.

Outsourcing the 1st line support issues to the MSP leaves the internal team to concentrate on the higher-level support tasks and project work.



Overheads and employment taxes are an unnecessary burden when it comes to IT services and solutions.

Partnering with an MSP helps minimize the overall cost of IT support. The cost of hiring staff is eliminated.

Many businesses look at this option when they’ve grown in size. An IT manager can usually cope with up to 50 end users but as the userbase grows so does the burden of IT support.

Instead of hiring internally, many looks to a co-managed partnership that can help leverage the skills of the internal and knowledge the internal employee has. Acting as a single point of contact for IT support requests, the internal IT team member can delegate support requests to the MSP.

If you are a business owner or internal IT team member considering partnering with an MSP then reach out to us.

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