Free Meeting Room Upgrade

Free Meeting Room Upgrade

When you sign up to Genmar’s award winning IT support, we will kit out your business with a brand new state of the art meeting bar.

Then, your business not only benefits from our reliable, fast, secure and friendly IT support, but also improves both in house and external meetings.

This could be the difference in securing that deal with a potential client or hiring your dream candidate, all while ensuring setting up meetings with your staff is stress free and easy.

This is an exclusive deal for the M11 Business Link.

Genmar have been located in Bishop’s Stortford for over 25 years, supplying award winning IT support for businesses in the south east of England.

We understand the area and can ensure quick and speedy travel to your business in the case of an emergency.

The Benefits of a New State of the Art Meeting Bar


Enhanced Collaboration

An upgraded meeting room with advanced technology and collaborative features promotes seamless communication and effective teamwork, allowing participants to share ideas and work together more efficiently.


Improved Productivity

Streamlined audio-visual equipment, user-friendly interfaces, and reliable connectivity in an upgraded meeting room reduce technical disruptions, ensuring that meetings run smoothly and stay focused on the agenda.


Professional Image

An upgraded meeting room demonstrates a commitment to modernity and professionalism, leaving a positive impression on clients, partners, and stakeholders and enhancing your business’s reputation.

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Cost Savings

Upgrading to an efficient meeting room can result in long-term cost savings by reducing travel expenses through virtual meetings, minimizing the need for external AV support, and implementing energy-saving technologies to reduce utility bills.

Our services represent over 25 years of accumulated knowledge and experience of what serves our customers’ needs best. Whether you need a one-stop-shop to encompass all your IT requirements under one roof, or a one-off project or service to complement your existing IT team, you can be confident Genmar will provide the best solution. We are also Microsoft Partners, allowing us access to discounted rates on Microsoft products and access to quicker support and professional training.

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All too often we speak with business owners who are not aware of which services their IT company is providing or even how much they are paying. We pride ourselves on having simple, straight forward pricing with no long-term contracts or Jargon.

Regardless of your current position, whether you are in contract with another MSP, have in house support staff or just get someone in to work ad hoc when required, we know we can add value. If you are interested in seeing how we can provide value to your business, please get in contact.

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Benefits of our IT Support

IT Support

IT Support

  • Unlimited remote & on-site technical support
  • Unlimited ‘workshop’ hardware repairs
  • Direct access via phone, email, secure portal & chat app
  • Fast & friendly team of highly skilled, qualified & Microsoft certified engineers

Virtual IT Manager

  • Assigned to your account and accountable for Genmar services
  • Regular business, performance, and strategic review meetings
  • Technology alignment to your business requirements
  • Technology procurement

Network Administration

  • Dedicated network manager assigned to your account
  • Regular best practice and security audit
  • Network, infrastructure and vendor documentation
  • Asset management and tagging & licence software management

Proactive Monitoring and Management

  • 24/7/365 Monitoring and Alerting for Servers, Workstations and Network Devices
  • Microsoft, network device and 3rd party patch management
  • Backup & business continuity systems management, monitoring and regular trial restoration of data