Achieving Effective IT Support for Your Estate Agency – The Checklist

In the previous article we explored the modern world of work that we are lucky enough to operate in, and we concluded that modern technology has revolutionised our lives both when working and in our free time. We also stated some facts – it isn’t enough to just buy new technology, because your tech needs to be strategically aligned to the way you want to run your organisation and the way your team works, and support around that new technology needs to be of a very high standard.

We also highlighted the little-known fact that IT support has changed. It no longer only means merely support, because the responsibilities of your IT support provider have evolved far beyond that – they now need to be proactive and show genuine interest in the continued success and growth of your business.

The remainder of this article will be a checklist of what you as a business owner need to look out for when navigating potential providers’ websites.


The Checklist

1. Proactivity not reactivity

As we stated in our last article, proactivity is one of the main things to look out for in an IT provider. An IT provider that is only reactive will leave you stuck using the dated tools that you are using now with no interest in helping you prepare for the future – and, with the rate that technology evolves, a mere few months of further working in this way could leave you far behind your competition. Some IT providers wear their 24/7 operating hours as a badge of honour, but this doesn’t guarantee proactivity. The right provider will get to know you, your team, and the ins and outs of your business.

2. Remote support

The modern workplace must have remote support. You remember how it used to go: you would make a call to your provider, explain your problem, and a representative would be sent to fix the problem in person. Now, in the modern technological age we are living in, there is no need for such a long laborious process, when the majority of providers use a software solution that allows you to send a request, then after (ideally) a short time an expert will contact you via remote sessions (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc) to run a fix through with you.

3. Expertise

As obvious as this one sounds, it is surprising how many businesses ignore this step – search for a provider that specialises in your industry sector. How can you take advice on what to implement in your organisation by someone who has little to no knowledge of how businesses in your sector go about doing business?

4. Strategic Partnership

The term ‘strategic partnership’ is a term to listen out for – if a potential IT support partner doesn’t mention it, or something similar, then they are one to avoid. The right provider will have a genuine interest in establishing a strategic partnership with you: an accumulation of everything we have mentioned in these two articles is what makes this possible. An IT provider that is right for you will approach you with strategies designed to help drive efficiency and enable you, your team, and your business as a whole to move into a prosperous future.

Every organisation in the world has different things they require from their IT partner. This article outlines what the right IT provider should be offering you. If searching for all of that seems a bit much, click here to see pricing for IT support and to arrange a call.


A Checklist for your IT:

Our team of experts has one goal in mind; we want to bear the burden of your IT support for you. We thrive on engaging with our clients to create positive relationships centred around the shared desire to help your organisation succeed. We are here to help your business remain secure, and to assist in its prolonged success and growth. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you are interested in seeing what we can do for you.

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