Getting the Best IT Support for Your Estate Agency

IT support varies depending on the sector that you operate in, and estate agency is no different – the sector has demands on certain tools and services that other sectors don’t, like sales and letting management, project management, and the requirement for a ‘real estate equipped’ CRM. But, in essence – when you strip IT back to its component parts – we are all looking for the same thing.

Modern technology has consumed the globe at an alarming rate. With it continually evolving our lives have become easier than ever before, especially in terms of connectivity – we are more connected now than we have ever been before in history. Organisations around the world have adopted technology and have begun to see the value that it can offer, if used and maintained correctly.

Technology is the main driver to success in the modern age. Arguably the biggest consideration a business can make is implementing the right tools and ensuring you have the right support around its most productive and – most importantly – secure way of using it.

IT support companies seem to be cropping up everywhere. Most make ridiculous claims to tempt you into using their services; claims like ‘the best support’ and ‘a catered proactive approach.’ Both are common terms amongst IT support company advertising, but how would you even quantify something like that? No one can claim to offer the best IT support as that is completely relative – what a law firm classes as top-quality IT support may be completely different to a marketing agency, for example.

There has been a major change in IT support over recent times, and that is that it shouldn’t just be support any more. Traditionally, the name matched what it is, but users are no longer as ignorant and oblivious to the possibilities of IT. In years past, technology hadn’t evolved to a point that it could be moulded to the whim of the user or business, let alone achieve some of the feats it can today. Looking at the way modern business owners go about their day, it was any wonder they got anything done, especially as planning was impossible.

Fortunately, modern IT support can offer much more, and modern tech has the capability to warp and evolve to the needs of your organisation. The IT specialists tasked with managing your account no longer sit around waiting for you to contact them with an issue. Instead, they should now work to become active members of your team, they should share your passion and vision for the future of your business and use all of their knowledge and tools at their disposal to help you achieve your business goals.

Now let’s explore what a good IT support specialist should do for you.


What will a good IT support specialist do for you?

Show interest with proactivity

IT companies will claim that it is at the forefront of their concerns, when in reality they have no desire to be proactive, learn about your business, or hold any concern for your future success or growth. In fact, some would be better as insurance providers, because that way they could continue only showing interest as a reactive measure in the event of a problem.

An IT provider that really is proactive will show genuine interest in the prolonged success of your business. They will use data from the past and the present to work out what is already successful and what needs adapting, and whilst doing this will also have the opportunity to prepare for disasters in a way that suits your business.

Proactivity allows you to plan for a rainy day, this means that business defining problems can be prepared for (thereby making them less frequent). With strategically aligned IT at the forefront of your workflow – and proactive IT support – your tech has the power to keep you operational under any circumstances.

Allow for unlimited calls

Don’t even consider IT support companies that limit your calls! The concept alone is outrageous – how can anyone possibly know how often or when they are going to need assistance? If you knew that you wouldn’t need an IT support company!

Effective communication

It is fair to say that the majority of tech minded individuals aren’t usually the best communicators. Of course, that doesn’t mean that they won’t implement the right tools technically, but poor levels of communication can severely hinder the process. If they don’t communicate effectively this could have a negative impact on not just how you and your team use the tools they have provided you with, but also on the relationship you have with them as a whole.

The right IT support provider will communicate their ideas for the future of your IT landscape – and company as a whole – effectively. If they fail to do this you will be moving forward with no plan, no goals, and with nothing in place to monitor your own success.

Providers should be in contact regularly – but not too regularly, don’t expect a call every morning seeing how you and the team are and if you need any help (we can only dream!), but a call monthly isn’t too much to ask for. The time frame is obviously down to you and them to agree, but whatever is the case, they must make a clear effort to get to know you and your team and the way you like to do things.

The right provider finds time to not just get to know your business in a technical sense, but will also go deeper and learn about your organisation in a personal sense. They will learn the inner workings of your organisation, appreciate and attempt to tackle the challenges that your team are facing daily, and look to the future of your IT landscape.


Service Level Agreement (SLA)

SLA’s define the parameters of the service they are going to provide you with. Every provider offers something different; take your time, you must make a revised decision after having spoken with the potential providers to be sure you choose the right one – don’t just sign the first contract you are offered.

The next article is a guide to buying the right IT support, and will detail what you need to look out for on potential providers’ websites. Remember a lot make claims they can’t keep to. We hope that these articles will equip you with the knowledge to make the right decision for you, and your team, and for the prolonged success and growth of your business.


The right IT support for you

Our team of experts have one goal in mind, we want to bear the burden of your IT support for you. We thrive on engaging with our clients to create positive relationships centred around the shared desire to help your organisation succeed. We are here to help your business remain secure and to assist in its prolonged success and growth. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you are interested in seeing what we can do for you.

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