Amazon’s Drones Could be Delivering your Packages as Early as 2024

Last week it was announced that Amazon’s drones will be trailed, with the delivery service coming to the UK and Italy.

The location of testing is yet to be revealed; however, it is expected that you’ll see drones dropping off your packages at the end of 2024.

So how would this work?

Currently, Amazon’s drone service is only available in 2 states in the US. If we look at how things are being done over there, we can start to see how this will be implemented in the UK.

Customers who want the option of drone delivery need to be approved first, the drone will need a clear space to drop the parcel.

This means that a service like this wouldn’t be a viable option in cities and large towns yet. However, you never know, 10 years down the line we could see something that is better suited to that.

After an order is placed, you’ll have to place a small marker on the floor, in the form of a QR code. As the drone approaches, it will spot the marker and drop the package from a height of 12ft.

Why though?

The implementation of Amazon’s drones comes with many different benefits:

From an environmental perspective, the carbon emissions of a drone are roughly 98% less than the carbon emissions of a delivery van.

From amazons’ perspective, the costs associated with drone deliveries are much lower than the costs of a usual delivery.

But how does this benefit you? Well at the moment same day delivery is about as fast as delivery can get, but that could still be many hours. Drone delivery would take under and hour from the moment you tap order to the moment the package plops into your garden.

Amazon's Drones

At the moment, the MK-30 drones can only carry packages with a maximum weight of 2.2kg

This does limit the kind of products you can order:

“Customers will be able to choose from thousands of items which weigh 5lbs or less, from washing up liquid and toothbrushes, to beauty products and batteries to fill a “shoe-box size package”.

So will you be trying out Amazon’s drones?

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