The Complete Guide to Automation for your Business

Companies today need to do more with less. The solution for many lies in process automation. By using bots and algorithms to automate repetitive tasks, businesses can achieve more efficient operations. Employees are freed to focus on high-value work.

Today we’ll be going over the complete guide to automating your business, looking into the options best suited to your business and why automation is so important.

Why do I need automation?

If you’re not already automating your business, you will be in the very near future, It is expected that about 69% of all managerial work will be completely automated by 2024. And for a good reason too, automation has many benefits, such as boosting productivity by 50% by removing those mundane repetitive tasks.


But what is Automation?

Automation refers to the use of various technologies to complete repetitive, routine tasks without human intervention. The goal is to optimize business processes to improve efficiency, accuracy, and productivity.

Some common examples of business process automation include:

Robotic process automation (RPA).
  • Software bots that mimic human actions to automate repetitive computer-based tasks like data entry, email processing, etc.
Artificial intelligence.
  • AI algorithms capable of learning and dynamic decision making to handle complex workflows.
Machine learning.
  • Systems that use data patterns to automate analytical model development, predictions, recommendations.
Chatbots/virtual agents.
  • Human-like conversational interfaces that can communicate with customers to automate parts of customer service.
IoT connected devices/sensors.
  • Networks of connected devices that collect data and automate monitoring, analytics, and responses.
No-code/low-code platforms.
  • Provide pre-built components and drag-and-drop interfaces to automate custom app development without extensive coding.

How do I choose the right option for my business?

Choosing the right solution for your business can be tricky, but its crucial to getting the most out of your investment, when selecting an automation solution, consider:

  • Auditing workflows to identify repetitive, rules-based tasks for automation. Look at admin work and customer service.
  • Evaluating existing tech stack. The solution should integrate well with your current infrastructure.
  • Assessing in-house skills to implement/manage the technology. If lacking, try outsourcing to an external IT company and they can do It for you.
  • Calculating ROI by weighing costs vs projected efficiency gains, output, labour savings.

It is important you focus on augmenting human workers, not replacing them. Automating routine work so employees can handle higher initiatives will not only improve morale but also increase productivity.

Automation provides the most value when it is working with your employees, not replacing them.

So how do I Implement Automation?

That’s where we come in, after contacting us, we’ll chat with you about what you’re after and what your budget is then we’ll go away and get you a quote, from there we can begin implementing automation into your business.

We’ll work closely with you ensuring that your businesses workflow is not disturbed and that your employees are able to operate as normal while we work in the background.

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