Appropriate Data Backup – Local Backup

In the previous article we explored how essential Data backup is in the modern age. Businesses all over the world are coming under constant threat of attack, partially due to our reliance on technology that has grown over the years as well as the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic – both have offered a unique opportunity to cyber criminals. Data backups are now more essential than ever.

Local Data Backup

What is it?

Also known as on-premise backup, Local backup is the process of saving applications and data to a device. The device is usually a server but could be a disc or a tape, all of which will be located in the same building or place as the original data.


What are its Advantages

  • Speedy recovery of copious amounts of data – Local backups aren’t reliant on an internet connection to be successful, so if you keep that device safe you can look forward to being able to start working again soon.


  • Greater security and access control – This is a bit of a backwards point. We already explored the state-of-the-art security measures that make Cloud backup so appealing, but – with the data saved on a disc on premise, for example – as long as it is stored in a safe place that only you have access to, this can be very calming, especially as some like to physically see their backed-up data.


  • Confidentiality – By managing your own data backups – and access to that data – you know that it is safe and that no one can gain unauthorised access.


What are its Disadvantages?

  • Cost – Local backup hardware can be very expensive, and the infrastructure that hardware works from can be pricey too. Purchasing, implementing, and managing them takes time and money that for some is simply not cost effective.


  • Risk of disaster – With your local backup being stored in the same place as the original copies of your data, in the event of a disaster like a flood or fire, for example, there is a high probability that both could be damaged beyond repair.


  • No control over downtime – Uptime cannot be guaranteed! This is a big red flag, because if you can’t make certain guarantees to your clients, you won’t keep them. Local backup recovery can sometimes take considerably longer than you would think, and this simply isn’t good enough.


  • Not easy to scale up – You may end up spending a lot of capital on hardware and the implementation of a backup server and then you go through a sudden period of growth. Growth is, of course, never a bad thing, but with your backup requirements increasing you will need to spend even more on your hardware and software. There are many organisations that occupy industries that are prone to fluctuations – be it due to seasonal business or the general requirements of their target market – these organisations could find themselves changing their hardware more often than would be cost effective.


  • Unable to access data remotely – The modern age of remote working ensures that backed up data will be inaccessible; your users need to be on-site to access backups if systems fail. A modern business needs to have the option of remote working, because if there is a disaster and the master copies of your data are gone along with the backup, what are you going to do?


  • Human error – We are only human, as much as some managers wish we weren’t. We forget things, and by forgetting to process backups your team are leaving the survival of your business to chance in the eventuality of a disaster.


It can be an extremely difficult decision – even once you know the pros and cons – to assess which is the best option for you – the Cloud, Local, or perhaps even a hybrid of both. Let us help – get in contact with our expert team and let us guide you to a solution that is right for the way you do business.


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