From AI Art to Chatbots - The AI Race

From AI Art to Chatbots – The AI Race

In the past year, we’ve witnessed the explosion of AI, both in interest as well as practicality. With the release of Chat GPT, Google BERT and LaMDA, DALL E etc. The list could go on for hours, it seems every area of life is being influenced by AI. Need a recipe for 4 with ingredients in your fridge? ask Chat GPT, need help on a programming issue? Ask Chat GPT again, Designing a logo? Ask DALL E. It is getting to the point where any issue can be assisted or solved with the help of AI.

The world is changing and we are sitting at the centre of what is one of the biggest technological advancements in history. But where did it all begin?

The Origins of AI

In 1950, British computer scientist and mathematician, Alan Turing proposed the idea of a ‘machine that could think’ which is essentially the first idea of an AI, he then created the Turing test which is the test of an AI’s ability by pitting it against a human response. If someone cannot identify what is AI and what is human, the AI passes.A timeline of AI

AI in the Present Day

Fast forward 73 years and we have AI that is capable not only of equalling humans, but surpassing them in many, many different ways. In 2018 GPT -1 was released, GPT-1 was the first model capable of reading text and answering questions about it. It was trained on a dataset of Wikipedia articles from which GPT-1 learned to answer questions using human language.

Move to 2019 and GPT 2 is released. GPT 2 was trained on much more text, giving it more knowledge changes to its design also improved its capabilities overall. GPT-2 could translate text, answer questions, summarize passages, and generate text output. The results, while were mostly strong and comparable with humans, would sometimes get non sensical and repetitive when generating longer passages.

In 2020, GPT 3 the improved upon this more, with GPT 2 having 1.5 billion parameters, GPT 3 had 175 billion.

AI Art and its Controversy

At this time AI art was heating up, with DALL-E, the open AI image generation programme that uses word prompts to generate images from scratch. While the quality at first was relatively low and the programme was limited. With the release of DALL-E 2 and DALL-E mini having higher quality output, more accessibility and a better understanding of prompts, people quickly saw a humorous use for it. With the internet being flooded with peoples DALL-E images at the end of 2021, it was clear AI art had an appeal.

Since then, AI art has only gotten more impressive, with programmes such as Midjourney offering very impressive results. There are however still issues, with the AI really struggling to create convincing humans, often giving them hands with 10 fingers or mouths with hundreds of teeth. With these images going viral for their uncanny look in late 2022.AI art creating uncanny images of girls at a party

AI art became a big point of controversy as people debated whether or not it can be counted as real art as it technically isn’t basing its work of anything it has thought about itself, more building a series of images together. But it is not directly plagiarism of anything in particular.

Chat GPT’s Takeover


In November of 2022 Open AI released what would go on to be one of the biggest changes to how people interact with their work. Chat-GPT. Within 5 days Chat GPT had amassed 1 million users, the quickest app ever to get 1 million users. With Instagram holding the record of 2.5 months.

Since the release demand has only gone up, with Open AI releasing a paid subscription service to guarantee that you can get on.

14th March they then release GPT 4, the next advancement in AI. With the general improvements in responses and intelligence. What is really impressive is its ability to understand images in its prompts. Someone managed to cerate a functional website using a drawing of what they wanted it to look like.

AI being used to create a website from a drawing

The improvement in the last 3 years has been nothing short of mind blowing, and we can only sit back and watch in awe as the next big development is released. Lets just hope that we don’t end up future like the terminator.

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