In the cloud with Microsoft 365

Here are some tips for getting the best results from the Microsoft tools.

Cloud computing and 365

No matter if you are upgrading an old system or simply keeping things up-to-date, Microsoft 365 lets you adopt the Cloud. By using it, your team can be more productive, and your business will be able to move forward in the modern age.

Let’s take a look at some aspects of the Cloud that you may not be familiar with to make sure you get the most value from these tools. We will discuss three key features of Office 365 that we believe are necessary, the benefits of those features, and how you can use them for providing your employees with an effective, efficient, and productive working environment.


You can organise files and folders in OneDrive, which is essentially your private cloud space. Through the SharePoint library, you can easily access files stored in OneDrive through a shared folder instead of using a VPN.


SharePoint in Microsoft 365 was briefly discussed in our last article, so now let’s take a closer look.

Every business, regardless of size, needs SharePoint. As part of the Microsoft 365 subscription, SharePoint comes free, and you don’t have to install it on-premises. Whether you’re sharing documents with colleagues, partners, or customers, you can do so anywhere you have an internet connection.

Microsoft Teams

Teams – Although it is not the most imaginative name in the world, Microsoft Teams offers the ability to join communities, groups, or teams through a specific URL or invitation. Everyone can consolidate their information and access client information through Teams in Teams.

Channels – Members can create Channels within a Team. The Channels feature allows team members to communicate without having to use group messages or email. In reply to Channel posts, users can use text and images.

Chat – Chat is a place to do exactly that – Chat. A one-stop shop for all styles of communication with emojis, informal chats with emojis, and more, it gives your team a space for all types of communication. Despite its similarity to Channels, this offers none of the organisation that Channels offers. You can flag a message as important or urgent and – impressively – you can share files within Chat. All of this can be done easily and in one place, which is invaluable for any business.

These are just a few reasons why using Microsoft Teams can help you make the most of your Cloud platform.

By far, Microsoft Teams is the most popular Cloud tool. In addition to its friendly interface, the document management capabilities, and the communication possibilities, it makes it a popular choice among business owners.


Elevate Your 365

Using the tools at your disposal correctly will ensure value. You have the power to revolutionise the way your organisation produces work. We can ensure that you implement the right tools, use them correctly, and plan for the future with those tools as important assets in the prolonged success of your organisation.

Our team of experts has one goal in mind; we want to bear the burden of your IT support for you. We succeed in engaging our clients to build positive relationships based on a common desire to help your organisation succeed. We are here to help your company stay safe and help its long-term success and growth. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in seeing what we can do for you.

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