More AI is Added to Gmail, Docs and Slides.

AI continues to integrate deeper into the software we use every day, with the newest addition from google going to Gmail.

More AI added to Gmail

The aim of Google’s new updates to Gmail is to improve user experience by giving users the best results when locating emails by adding a “top results” section when searching for old messages or attachments in their Gmail app.

These ‘top results’ will be assisted by Googles machine learning algorithms. The ai will be considering the search terms, recent emails, and other relevant factors to provide the best matches for a search query.

These top results will be displayed as the first results, in a dedicated section, when searching for an email or attachment, followed by the rest of the results, sorted in recency. This feature is available on IOS and Android devices.

There is no news yet on whether or not this will be available on desktop, however you would be surprised if google didn’t take the opportunity to implement more AI into their apps.

Google has been scrambling to catch up with Open AI’s dominance in the Artificial intelligence market, with Bing even ‘threatening’ Google when they added AI to their search engine earlier this year.

Googles response, Bard was released with mixed reviews and some criticism of incorrect information; even false facts being advertised in their promotional content for Bard.

Google's Bard chatbot got answer wrong in promo vid costing it £100,000,000,000 | Tech News | Metro News

However, it looks like Google’s dominance isn’t going anywhere soon, with a consistent 93% of people using the search giant over the course of 2023. Bing sits in second place with 2.7% of people using the search engine.

The trend of Google’s ongoing push to implement AI into their products continues with the announcement of new additions to a range of their programs.

New Features in Slides and Docs

With new features such as ‘help me visualise’ on slides that will use text prompts to generate images for you to use in your presentations.

Ai in Google Slides

Google Docs is also getting an upgrade, with new auto-generated ‘smart chips’ being added to help with AI generated content. This will add in fields to fill in so that documents are easier and quicker to edit.

AI in Google Docs

It is an exciting time for AI, with it becoming more of a normality in our daily lives every day, with the speed Ai has taken over the tech world, it is both terrifying and exciting as to where we could be in 1 year let alone next decade.

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