The key benefits of a WIFI site survey

The key benefits of a WIFI site survey

A WIFI site survey is a process of evaluating and mapping the wireless signal strength and coverage within a particular area. It helps identify dead zones, interference, and signal quality to optimize the placement and configuration of wireless access points, ensuring a reliable and efficient WIFI network.

This is especially useful for contractors or construction companies that will find use in mapping out the WIFI of a building in advance.

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How can bad WIFI damage a business?

Poor WIFI can be massively detrimental to not only the productivity of your business, but also the morale of your staff. If your team are unable to complete their work due to connectivity issues, that could leave them stressed and unmotivated. This will have the knock-on effect of damaging the overall productivity of your business and therefore the profits.


Why would you need to do a WIFI survey?

For contractors, future proofing your building is key to a successful project, doing a WIFI site survey in advance is key to ensuring all areas of your project will be covered to a high level. It can also save thousands to tens of thousands by strategically placing WIFI extensions to maximise the output of your access points.


The benefits of a WIFI site survey

Optimized Network Performance:
WIFI site surveys ensure that wireless networks are designed and configured for optimal performance, minimizing dead zones and signal interference, and providing users with reliable and high-speed connectivity.

Cost Savings:
Properly planned WIFI networks based on survey data can lead to cost savings by reducing the need for unnecessary hardware, infrastructure investments, and troubleshooting expenses.

Efficient Resource Allocation:
Site surveys help pinpoint the exact locations for access point (AP) placement and configuration, preventing over-provisioning or under-provisioning of network equipment and maximizing its lifespan.

Mitigation of Interference:
Surveys identify and address potential sources of interference, such as neighbouring WIFI networks or physical obstacles, reducing the risk of performance degradation.

Documentation and Troubleshooting:
WIFI site surveys provide detailed documentation of the network layout, facilitating troubleshooting and diagnosis of network issues, reducing downtime, and ensuring compliance with security standards and regulations.

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