What can we Expect from Windows 12?

As windows 12 rumours heat up, we mark the 2-year anniversary since the release of Windows 11. Met with, generally, positive reviews, continuing Microsoft’s positive track record of OS releases (we’ll ignore windows 8), people are getting excited at the prospect of the biggest change to Windows since the end of windows 7.

But despite Windows 11’s success, the unprecedented boom of AI software and integration has called on big tech companies across the globe to join the AI race or get left behind. This is where Windows 12 rumours have begun circulating.

These rumours were recently confirmed (sort of) During Citi’s analyst conference last month, where the Intel CEO, David Zinsner, discussed a windows refresh for next year, suggesting that consumers might want to upgrade their PCs to prepare for the new release of windows.

Windows 12

So, what could we expect from Windows 12?

It is expected that Windows 12 will boast a plethora of improvements, from basic quality of life tweaks to massive new features.

Even More AI Integration

  • It’s no secret of the power of AI holds in the workplace, to the point where it is now expected that AI is included in any new update or product. And it’s likely that Windows 12 will be no exception. We’ve already seen the capabilities of co-pilot and that is just the beginning of integrated AI.

More Customisation

  • While Window 11 brought a much-needed revamp to the appearance of the OS, it came with the expense of the customisation that Windows is known for. We could be seeing more customisation options in the future that allow us to make Windows your own.

Better Cortana

  • If we’re being honest, no one uses Cortana. However, it seems that there’s a gap in the market right now for a voice assistant that actually runs on AI. Not like Alexa or Siri that will just send you links to questions, but an actual AI assistant that can do everything a program like GPT can do, but through voice.
  • Potentially connecting to Microsoft co-pilot, there is definitely potential in something like this.

Enhanced Security

  • It wouldn’t be bold to assume that Microsoft’s security features wouldn’t improve with the new Windows. As AI makes hacks and scams harder to defend against, it is imperative that the security of your computer is also improved.

It is unsure when exactly Windows 12 will be released, but 2024 looks to be the year we’ll see the next stage in the Windows OS.

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